🦏 Rhinoceros


Strong, Unstoppable, Massive, Speedy, Dangerous, Pugnacious, Immovable, Obese, Wildlife, Headstrong, Big Nose

🦏 Meaning: The full, grey body of a rhinoceros (rhino), distinctly showing its signature white curved horns protruding out of its snout. The rhino is seen facing left, standing on all fours, and also visible are its pointed ears and blank, black eyes.

The 🦏 Rhinoceros emoji suggest the might of these huge creatures as well as it ferocity, fierceness, strength, rage and aggression. The different platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji. Some even show just the face of a rhino.

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How and When to Use the 🦏 Rhinoceros Emoji

  • Wildlife in general can be represented by the 🦏 emoji.
  • Strength and danger can also be signified by the 🦏 emoji.
  • Among friends, the 🦏 emoji is also sometimes used to depict obesity, albeit in a derogatory way. Make sure not to body-shame anyone.
  • A person who’s always ready to fight can be compared to a rhino through 🦏.
  • Also, an unstoppable attitude can be represented through 🦏.

Other Names

  • 🦏 Rhino
  • 🦏 Nose Horn
  • 🦏 Rhino Horn
  • 🦏 Massive
  • 🦏 Wildlife
  • 🦏 Endangered
  • 🦏 Horned
  • 🦏 Unstoppable
  • 🦏 Juggernaut