🦥 Sloth


Nonchalance, Carefree, Physically Avoidant (from people), Arboreal, Slow Movement, Clingy

🦥 Meaning: A full-length profile of a sloth clinging to a tree branch. The character is designed in brown fur, long limbs, and a tiny face with brown patches around the eye and muzzle.

The 🦥 Sloth emoji signifies an intense attachment to trees, a distaste for physical affection from humans, and an ignorant sense of awareness. It also suggests a sense of being slow in movement, clingy, and a reverse cycle of chivalry (the girl makes the first move).

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How and When to Use the 🦥 Sloth Emoji

  • If you’re trying to express ‘slow and steady’ in your caption or any virtual context, then, guess what, you can use 🦥 .
  • Use 🦥 while sharing informative content regarding sloths, such as sloth conservation, caring for sloths, WWF about sloths, and such related information.
  • You can also use 🦥 in your social media profile name if you can relate to sloths to a certain extent (you know, distaste for physical affection, love for solidarity and trees, of course), or if you work towards sloth welfare, or if you’re an organization strongly committed to the same.
  • If you sketched out your favorite sloth cartoon character and you’re sharing this art on your social media page, then too, you can use 🦥 in the caption.
  • Also, female sloths make the first move, thus reversing the entire concept of chivalry. So, if you’re someone like that, then too, you can use 🦥 in your social media profile name. You can also use 🦥 to address someone who fits into the description (with consent and mutual respect, of course).
  • If you’re replying with “No one cares” in any context, feel free to use 🦥., because, sloths couldn’t care any less about anything. For example, if you came across a triggering social media post and you’re commenting on that post, you can use this emoji as a way of saying “Go home, yo. Nobody cares 🦥 (cute, but still ain’t giving no sh*t).

Other Names

  • 🦥 Sid
  • 🦥 Arboreal Mammal
  • 🦥 Snook the Sloth
  • 🦥 Flash Slothmore
  • 🦥 Slowest Mammal
  • 🦥 Slow