🐒 Monkey


Mischievous, Playful, Fun, Silly, Foolish, Immaturity, Harmless, Agility, Untamed Nature, Freedom

🐒 Meaning: A body of a monkey in its sitting posture with its head turned and looking straight at the viewer with a playful expression, and additionally characterized with its curled tail behind it.

The colour brown is universally used to depict the fur of the monkey in all interpretations of this emoji through supporting platforms.

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How and When to Use the Monkey 🐒 Emoji

  • 🐒 works fine when you’re in the mood to be mischievous or immature or you want to point out the immaturity in someone else.
  • The monkey signifies a sense of untamed freedom. This can be represented through 🐒 when you identify that quality in a person.
  • The monkey emoji 🐒 can also be used as a way of communicating to a person that they are misbehaving.
  • On the most obvious level, 🐒 can be used when the subject matter, directly or indirectly, involves a monkey!

Other Names

  • 🐒 Monkey Body
  • 🐒 Cheeky Monkey
  • 🐒 Funky Monkey
  • 🐒 Silly
  • 🐒 Untamed
  • 🐒 Playful
  • 🐒 Fun

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