🦔 Hedgehog


Self Defense, Cute, Tiny, Hard-Working, Resourceful, Nocturnal, Safety, Harmless Until Provoked

🦔 Meaning: A full-body, side view of a hedgehog standing on all fours, with its signature spiny coat, a small head with tiny black eyes and a protruding snout, and a body lighter by a couple of shades from the coat.

The 🦔 Hedgehog emoji signifies a sense of being insanely cute, apart from being independent, self-defensive, a tendency to hibernate quickly, hardworking, and a natural ability to float on liquid or gas.

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How and When to Use the 🦔 Hedgehog Emoji

  • If you recently bought an adorable hedgehog, and you’re sharing this bit of absolute bliss on your social media profile either as a picture, a video, or even a plain tweet, use 🦔 in all those contexts.
  • Did you just bake a hedgehog themed cake (just the shape, not the flavor, EWW), or a cupcake for your kid or anybody else? Are you posting those amazingly skilled pictures on your social media handle? Then shy not! Use 🦔 in those post captions!
  • If you’re feeling threatened in any given conversation, you can use 🦔 to show that you’re going to get out of there before you lose your mind. For example, “Hey, man. You wouldn’t believe what just happened. A plain conversation with that person is so toxic, OMG!! I curled up immediately and got out of it!!! 🦔”.
  • Use 🦔 while posting or tweeting pictures or videos about hedgehogs, either your own pet or a little guy you came across on your street.
  • If you love hedgehogs more than anything on the planet, then you must use 🦔 in your social media profile name.

Other Names

  • 🦔 Urchin
  • 🦔 Urcheon
  • 🦔 Sonic the Hedgehog
  • 🦔 Hedgepig
  • 🦔 Spiny
  • 🦔 Curl Into A Ball
  • 🦔 Furze Pig
  • 🦔 Hoglets (Baby Hedgehogs, adorbs, right?)
  • 🦔 Boar (Male Hedgehog)
  • 🦔 Sow (Female Hedgehog)

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