10 Marine Animal Emojis Depicting the Deep Seas

For all the times we wish to go scuba diving, but simply, cannot.

Water is a fascinating element. It not only sustains and powers life on the blue planet, but it also houses many aquatic species, including Aquaman! Our world may be fantastic, but not enough to have super-humans around. It’s a wonderful force of nature that’s both life-giving and destructive. It all depends on itself, and oh, yes, on how we treat it.

Through the constant evolution of the planet, there have been many booming times for marine life. In fact, water sheltered the first-ever animal on earth; the sea sponge! Today, there are at least 200,000 forms of aquatic life in different water bodies. Nonetheless, humans exist here as well. And as long as we’re here nothing can ever remain beautiful.

We’ll get to that later, but for now, presenting, emoji marine creatures!

Spouting Whale Emoji

🐳 Whales!

Whales are not just big creatures living in the sea, they have their own interesting sides. Did you know that humpback 🐋 whales sing?! It’s a one-of-a-kind phenomenon generally carried out by the male.

If you were to play who can hold their breath the longest with a human, that’s a sad game. Try it with a whale and you will 100% lose because these guys can hold their breath underwater for 20 whole minutes!

The ocean is all fun and games until you realize that it’s mostly made up of whale urine. We’ll just leave it there.

Shark Emoji

🦈 Sharks

Sure, we can have cute songs named after these feral sea creatures, but facts stay that sharks are some of the most dangerous animals in the deep seas.

However, the hazard levels depend on how well the shark is fed. If you’re scuba diving in a “well-fed” zone, that is, where sharks have plenty of prey, then it’s your lucky day.

One thing that’s absolutely mind-blowing about sharks is that, they’re much older than 🦖 dinosaurs. 🦈 have been around for over 400 million years now, with the oldest species being 20 million years ahead of that time as well.

Dolphin Emoji

🐬 Dolphins

Dolphins are totally make-believe sharks. Not saying it in a demeaning manner with no regard to their authenticity and charm, but by how deceptively terrifying dolphin fins are. Oh, shit! I think I’ve got a shark on my trail! Oh wait, it’s just a dolphin. Lool.

Much like humans, dolphins too love to blow bubbles, and they’re also some of the most extroverted animals! There may be the moody ones, but by the majority, they’re quite talkative.

If you were to place one of 🪞 these in front of your 🐕 dog, it’d probably be confused and excited at the same time. But, mostly, distressed. Wtf is this?! Another pupper?! I thought I was the only one, hooman!

If the same were to be replicated with a dolphin, they’d instantly recognize themselves. Straight-up facts here. Dolphins, like humans and chimps, have this crazy ability to understand reflections.

Octopus Emoji

🐙 Octopus

Not only do these massive sea predators possess insane anatomies, but they also have superhuman abilities (of course). Octopuses are excellent shapeshifters. This means, if you approach something in the deep blue sea that doesn’t exactly look like an octopus, it can be one! Scary shite, mate.

Another terrifying thing about 🐙? Mostly justified actually. Octopuses are known to avenge. Thanks to their super-intelligent brains, they remember almost everything, including the things they watch. It doesn’t end there! They learn from observation too.

🐙 are capable of eating their own kind. Not out of a grudge (that too), but mostly out of instinct. After a mating sesh, it has been recorded that the female octopus gobbles up the male! Due to neurological illness, an octopus could even begin to eat itself.

Oswald would never, ain’t it? Well, that’s the difference between fiction and reality. Most times, it’s the latter that’s nerve-wracking.

⊛ Seal Emoji

🦭 Seals

Did y’all know before this, of course, that seals are better known as ‘pinnipeds’? Such a sophisticated name. Yes, they didn’t name themselves that, but pinniped is so much better than seal.

Although seals seem really cuddly and honestly cute, they have limitations to that cuteness. It ends at visual appreciation. The more you push that, trying to get friendly with them, remember, they can bite.

Also, how hard is it for humans to keep their hands to themselves? They’re always out there trying to pet others. What if we were petted by seals each time we were at sea? Sucks, right? It works the same for them.

Blowfish Emoji

🐡 Blowfish

🐡 is debatably the most poisonous creature on the planet. Debatable not because it contains any fewer toxins, but because there may be something more toxic than the pufferfish. Like your ex. Jk.

These bloatable fishes have no scales, contain a super, super, SUPER elastic stomach, and appear to be quite colorful. But, that’s not a good sign.

If you ever come across a vibrant pufferfish, it’s time to get the heck out of there, because the more poison 🐡 contains, the brighter it gets. And if the poison releases in a humane locality, chances are at least 30 human adults could die.

All animals are vulnerable to a pufferfish’s toxicity. Except for sharks. 🐡 also counts as one of the meal options for these guys! If sharks weren’t badass enough already.

Considering all the possible fatalities of the pufferfish, here’s a mind-boggler – 🐡 is a Japanese delicacy that many enjoy. But, not everyone gets to cook and serve it. That right is reserved only for expertise.

Fish Emoji

🐟 Fish

Ah. The commonest and super well-known marine life.

🐟 represents saltwater fish that only differs in habitat from the 🐠 tropical fish. Both, saltwater and tropical fish have variations in the way they look.

Fishes have been inhabitants of the earth for at least 450 million years now. Much before them sharks and dinos too. They’re amongst the foremost lifeforms on the planet as well. Adding to this viability are its species, which is presently over 32000!

If we were to speak about sexual fluidity, 🐟 is an inspiration. Fishes are known to change their sex at least once in a lifetime. They don’t just let sex hold them back, but speed as well. They can be super fast swimmers and sometimes outrun much larger fish too!

Spiral Shell Emoji

🐚 Spiral Shells

Remember heading to the beach and collecting these intriguing souvenirs? We sometimes listened to the beach through them. We also housed them in our own homes. Not knowing that that spiral shell is a home in itself!

Also known as the “ocean mollusk”, 🐚 is the typical home to different ocean mollusks. When it comes to “ocean sounds”, you’re not exactly listening to the ocean when you place the shell to your ear. You’re just listening to the air around you through a compact and enclosed spiral. The ocean and air have similar sounds.

The ocean is a wonderful place to be. It’s vibrant, colorful and so full of life. Though we may have explored most of it and surfaced all the creatures we could record, there are still vaster, unknown depths. The deep-sea ain’t such a forgiving place. It overflows with mystery. It’s harmless, nonetheless. Everything stays where it is unless we meddle with it.

But, humans. Humans are always known to meddle with things, and the pelagic is no different. Thankfully, humans cannot exploit emojis, so it’s always found in abundance. Long after extinction has even taken place.