🐆 Leopard


Physical Strength, Perseverance, Confidence, Power, Intelligence, Grace, Agility, Runner, Speedster

🐆 Meaning: A full-body, side profile of a leopard standing on all fours, with its tail hanging loose, and one paw held a little higher than the ground level while the face is looking forward.

The 🐆 Leopard emoji refers to a generic leopard irrespective of the breed and age. This emoji signifies speed, grace, agility preying, camouflage, love for trees, and the fancy, and irreplaceable leopard print design.

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How and When to Use the 🐆 Leopard Emoji

  • If you’re flaunting your latest leopard printed bag, clothes, or even footwear or eye makeup, anything, you can use 🐆 in the caption.
  • Do you see a leopard as your spirit animal? Then, you must use 🐆 in your social media profile name! You can also use it if you’re a leopard lover, a super-fast sprinter, or you just find the animal way too fascinating.
  • If you went for a safari ride and managed to capture some pictures and close shots of these wild cats, use 🐆 in the caption while posting those pictures, or videos if you shot some.
  • If your sports team or sports club has a leopard for a mascot and you’re posting a picture of you and/or with your gang wearing the mascot jerseys, then you should use 🐆 in the captions.
  • You can also use 🐆 while sharing funny leopard videos (yep, leopards can be funny too), memes, leopard fails, etc.

Other Names

  • 🐆 Wildcat
  • 🐆 Big Cat
  • 🐆 Panther
  • 🐆 Cheetah
  • 🐆 Leopard Cub
  • 🐆 Wild Animal
  • 🐆 Spots
  • 🐆 Spotted Cat
  • 🐆 Panthera Cat