🐇 Rabbit


Cute, Cuddly, Innocence, Small, Nimble, Fast, Timid, Shy, Friendly, Harmless, Freedom, Easter, Uncovering Secrets

🐇 Meaning: The whole body of a little white rabbit, standing on its two legs, facing left, displaying its entire furry rabbit body from its face at one end with its long bunny ears, black eyes, button nose and long whiskers to its fluffy tail at the other end.

The 🐇 Rabbit emoji signifies notable characteristics of rabbits such as being small in size, and its cute, agile, and harmless innocence. This emoji could also suggest other things rabbits are associated with like Easter, and expressions like “Going down the rabbit hole,” which means uncovering more buried secrets.

Different platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji in terms of design. Some even show the rabbit in grey color instead of white.

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How and When to Use the 🐇 Rabbit Emoji

  • A sense of innocence can be created using 🐇. So you can use this emoji to portray that your intentions are harmless.
  • Someone displaying great speeds at anything (for example being swift in replies) can be represented with the 🐇 emoji.
  • A person being shy (even if that person is you) can also be represented through 🐇.
  • An implication to “dig deeper” about matters can be conveyed through 🐇. (“Down the rabbit hole”)
  • The 🐇 emoji can be used as a metaphor for small and tiny beings. It can be even used to refer to cute and cuddly troublemakers that crawling babies in the home are.
  • Any text involving Easter can have the 🐇 accompanying it.

Other Names

  • 🐇 Bunny
  • 🐇 Bunny Rabbit
  • 🐇 Bugs Bunny
  • 🐇 Alice
  • 🐇 Hare
  • 🐇 Jackrabbit
  • 🐇 Coney
  • 🐇 Fluffy
  • 🐇 Lapin
  • 🐇 Peter Rabbit