🐘 Elephant


Large, Big, Tall, Mighty, Majestic, Wisdom, Obesity, Sensitivity, Danger, Gentle, Reliable, Determination, Big Appetite, Reverence, King’s Ride

🐘 Meaning: A large, whole, grey body of an elephant standing on all fours, facing left, displaying its signature large ears and long trunk coming out of its big head. Also visible are its white, curved tusks shooting from the side of its mouth and, on the other end, its long tail that’s hairy at the end.

There’s no animal on land as large as the elephant and the 🐘 Elephant emoji most often signifies that kind of physical triumph over others. It could also suggest the wisdom and majesty that elephants are known for, as well as its other characteristics.

Different platforms vary in their depiction of this emoji in terms of design. Some even show just the face of the elephant.

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How and When to Use the 🐘 Elephant Emoji

  • Tall or big people can be referred to using the 🐘 emoji.
  • Strength and might are often encapsulated in the 🐘 emoji.
  • The elephant is one of the most respected of all animals and this reverence can be represented through 🐘.
  • A person with a big appetite can be compared to an elephant through 🐘.
  • 🐘 can also represent big obstacles on one’s path.
  • When the conversation literally involves an elephant, there’s no better emoji to depict it than 🐘.

Other Names

  • 🐘 Tusker
  • 🐘 Jumbo
  • 🐘 Giant
  • 🐘 Mastodon
  • 🐘 Elephantine
  • 🐘 Dumbo
  • 🐘 Big Ears
  • 🐘 Massive
  • 🐘 Pachyderm