🦍 Gorilla


Strength, Animal Nature, Muscularity, Virility, Masculinity, Determination, Endurance, Beast, Cuddly, King Kong

🦍 Meaning: A giant, muscular gorilla in its signature pose with its face looking ahead while its arms are strongly supporting the body. This black-furred great ape is sometimes portrayed with a reddish forehead in the emoji world.

Sensationalized by the King Kong series, the 🦍 Gorilla emoji signifies strength, power, fearlessness, might, and even dread to a certain extent. Although terrorizing in reality, gorillas can seem cuddly and affectionate at times.

This emoji is shown with just the face on some platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🦍 Gorilla Emoji

  • 🦍 works fine to describe a person, typically a man, with buffed up muscles.
  • The 🦍 emoji can also be used to denote a person’s situation with a task that they need or had to endure through. For example, an intense workout at the gym.
  • A person with more brawn over brain can be described using 🦍.
  • Anything that brings about a sense of nature and wildlife can be depicted using 🦍 emoji.
  • Gorillas are smart apes, and despite their muscular build, their appearance might even seem as cuddly to many. So, this mood can be represented through the 🦍 emoji.
  • In the most literal sense, if the subject matter involves a gorilla, what better emoji than 🦍?

Other Names

  • 🦍 Primate
  • 🦍 Ape
  • 🦍 Buff
  • 🦍 Blackback
  • 🦍 Silverback
  • 🦍 King Kong
  • 🦍 Humanoid
  • 🦍 Tough
  • 🦍 Beast