🦊 Fox


Clever, Curios, Cunning, Crafty, Cute, Wild, Predatory, Attractive, Sex Appeal

🦊 Meaning: A friendly face of a fox, covered in red or brown fur, with beady black eyes and pointy, triangular ears, looking straight ahead. A distinct feature is its “beard”, which is in a different shade than the rest of its face.

🦊 encompasses all the characteristics of a clever trickster while also appearing cute and friendly. Different platforms use their own shades and designs to depict this emoji, including the additional use of colors grey, white, and orange.

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How and When to Use the 🦊 Fox Emoji

  • The fox is often portrayed in fiction to be a trickster, and this characteristic can be well represented by 🦊.
  • A bold compliment to an attractive person (especially a woman) is the word “Foxy”, the emoji equivalent of which is 🦊.
  • If a person displays clever or cunning behavior which can be compared to a fox’s, then the metaphor can be depicted through 🦊.
  • If a literal fox is in the subject matter, or if it involves wildlife in general, 🦊 has its place there.

Other Names

  • 🦊 Fox Face
  • 🦊 Fox Cub
  • 🦊 Wild Dog
  • 🦊 Vixen
  • 🦊 Trickster
  • 🦊 Clever
  • 🦊 Reynard