🦫 Beaver


Hardwork, Resourcefulness, Construction, Persistence, Busy, Industrious, Eager, Laborious, Strong Teeth

🦫 Meaning: A full-body, side profile of a brown beaver with front buck teeth, sitting with its strong tail resting on the floor while either looking ahead with its arms held forward or doing the same thing, but while holding a twig with its extended front paws.

A relatively newer addition to the emoji list, 🦫 Beaver is yet to be available on most platforms. It signifies nocturnal nature aka insomnia or the inability to sleep in humans. It also suggests a sense of being busy, territorial, hardworking, creative, wise, and persistent.

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How and When to Use the 🦫 Beaver Emoji

  • The quality of being busy can be represented through the 🦫 emoji. (“As busy as a beaver”) So, if you’re talking about someone who’s always busy, or “too busy for you”, then you can personify that person with this emoji.
  • A person’s hard work and persistence too can be highlighted with 🦫. If you’re posting a picture of yourself or that of somebody else who worked way too hard, persistently to get where they’ve reached, you can use 🦫 in the caption, not in a mocking sense, but in an appreciative and encouraging way.
  • Use 🦫 in the post caption while posting or tweeting pictures or videos of a beaver. It can be a friendly guy you came across on a vacation, or your own house pet, beaver.
  • 🦫 can also be used to refer to someone who’s nocturnal by nature; someone who prefers to work through the night or someone who can’t sleep at night. If it’s all you, then you can use this emoji in your social media profile name.
  • A sense of being eager is also commonly conveyed through the usage of 🦫, or more accurately, it represents the popular phrase, “Eager Beaver”.

Other Names

  • 🦫 Rodent
  • 🦫 Dam-Building Rodent
  • 🦫 Gnawing
  • 🦫 Beaver Dam
  • 🦫 Eager Beaver
  • 🦫 Furry Worker
  • 🦫 Buck Tooth
  • 🦫 Busy Beaver