🦨 Skunk


Smelly, Stench, Omnivorous, Wild Animal, Marijuana, Defensive

🦨 Meaning: A full body description of a skunk with black fur and white stripes on top of its body, starting from the head all the way to the tip of the tail, standing to its side with its fluffy, but oh-so dangerous tail held up.

The 🦨 Skunk emoji signifies a sense of being cute but also threateningly smelly at the same time (which is a fear response, still very relatable on a human level), omnivorous, and nocturnal (sounds strangely familiar too. Insomniacs, wya?).

PS: The animal-human references used in these emojis are to remind us that we’re all the same and different at the same time, so don’t rile up.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🦨 Skunk Emoji

  • If someone told you that they haven’t had a shower yet, you can use 🦨 while responding to them (with mutual consent and respect, definitely).
  • Use 🦨 in your social media profile name if you love skunks.
  • If you encountered a skunk on your camping trip, and you’re either sending those pictures and/or videos to someone close or sharing the same on your social media handle, you can use 🦨 both scenarios.
  • Is your buddy drunk as a skunk? Shy not from sharing those hilarious pictures or videos of this human mess with 🦨 in the captions as DMs (or on social media if he/she would be okay with it).
  • If you sketched out an animated skunk or a real one, the pictures of which you’re now sharing on social media, you can use 🦨 in such captions too.
  • Did your boys get some stash? Or are you flaunting your recent buy either as a direct message (DM) or as a social media post? Or, are you posting a social media story with your gang where you can smell love in the air? Then use 🦨 in all those contexts to indicate the smell of skunk.
  • 🦨 can be used as a codeword or rather a code emoji for your stuff too.

Other Names

  • 🦨 Buck (Male Skunk)
  • 🦨 Doe (Female Skunk)
  • 🦨 Kit (Baby Skunk)
  • 🦨 Striped Polecat
  • 🦨 Sweet Smell of Mary Jane
  • 🦨 Stink Badger
  • 🦨 Pepé Le Pew (of course)
  • 🦨 Penelope Pussycat