🦇 Bat


Darkness, Night, Spooky, Batman, Vampirism, Halloween, Flying Mammal, Nocturnal, Vampire Bats

🦇 Meaning: A full-body, side description of a black bat with beady black eyes and pointed ears, displaying its entire wingspan by stretching its slick wings on either side.

The 🦇 Bat emoji signifies darkness (both literal and metaphorical), vampirism, the night, and a state of being nocturnal. Besides, it can also suggest the iconic comic book character, Batman, which also made the symbol of a bat about heroism and courage.

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How and When to Use the 🦇 Bat Emoji

  • If you wore an outfit that reflected Halloween (especially when it’s not the season), the ‘dark side’, or even a vampire, and you’re posting that memory on your social media handle, you can use 🦇 in the caption.
  • Anything related to Batman can be depicted through the 🦇 emoji. For example, if you and your buddies are doing a Batman movie marathon and you’re posting social media stories or tweets about the same, then you can use this emoji in those contexts too.
  • If it’s Halloween and you’re eager to set the mood with a social media status, a countdown post, or even a tweet, then you can use 🦇 in those captions or within the tweet too.
  • Are you a fan of vampire fanfiction? Or are you in love with Edward Cullen or any other vamp characters? Then you can to use 🦇 in your social media profile name. Tag other vampire-related emojis such as 🧛‍♂️ Vampire too.

Other Names

  • 🦇 Fruit Bat
  • 🦇 Batman
  • 🦇 Flying Fox
  • 🦇 Night Animal
  • 🦇 Nocturnal
  • 🦇 Vampire Bats
  • 🦇 Dracula
  • 🦇 Dark Knight
  • 🦇 Halloween
  • 🦇 Spooky