Green Emojis That Surface The Good and Not-So-Good Sides of the Color

For all the times you want to go green in your own way.

Green is the color of nature. It’s the color that reflects off of anything earthy, organic, natural, and most importantly, healthy. When we see content about anything healthy in terms of food, green is a color that’s often a part of the ad. It’s always there. In fact, any symbol that conveys healthy food is entirely green or has a visible amount of it.

Though the color green has outweighing positive connotations, it doesn’t always play that way in all contexts. For instance, green is a color that’s associated with negative and damaging emotions like jealousy and envy. It’s also the color of poison or anything poisonous. A gamer would know best. In addition to that, bodily fluids and gases are also painted green.

Whatever may be the polarities to this color, there are some things that remain neutral. Like emojis! Here’s a list of green emojis that are purely green irrespective of the variety of colors the subject may have in real life. Presenting, green emojis!

Green Square Emoji

🟩 Green Square Emoji

There are solid shape emojis persistent with this group of colors; blue, green, orange, yellow, red, purple, brown, black, and white. Some shapes are neutral whereas some have a subjective inclination.

Shapes like squares and circles are neutral solids, but the heart shape always has a personal side to it. The green range of these shapes includes the 🟩 Green Square and the 🟢 Green Circle. The individual shape of the green heart earns the shape its own section.

Green Heart Emoji

💚 Green Heart Emoji

Squares and circles are shapes that are open to interpretation. They can be and mean anything. But, it doesn’t swing that way with heart shapes. The 💚 Green Heart could have passed as just another colored shape, but there is a specific meaning to this emoji.

💚 could resonate with one’s love for the organic and natural. It acts as a symbol of love for the earth and nature and hence is the perfect sigil for our environment day. 💚 is equally vibrant and open as the other green shapes, but this one has the solid foundation of love.

Green Salad Emoji

🥗 Salad Emoji

Speaking of organic and natural, we have salads!

No salad is ever complete without some green in it. Sure, there are salad variants with minimal amounts of green, but pretty sure that would be a task to set up. Salads are supposed to be and look green. They embody the essence of what’s natural and they ought to have a good amount of it.

Leafy Green Emoji

🥬 Leafy Green Veggie Emoji

Many vegetables are green. In fact, there’s an entire section dedicated to them! The greens section or the green leafy veggies section. These vegetables, although not the first choice of the average eater, are packed with health benefits and can prove to be healthier than other food options. This could be the possible explanation as to why green is the color of health, and everything that’s good and organic.

Broccoli Emoji

🥦 Broccoli Emoji

Here’s another wonderful green vegetable that’s often hated on. Sheesh. We seem to have an innate aversion to anything healthy! No wonder why so many of us have so many problems! Health issues too. The 🥦 broccoli is not only a vegetable, it’s a miniature symbol of trees too!

Green Apple Emoji

🍏 Green Apple Emoji

The color specificity is in the name as it is in the fruit that 🍏 symbolizes. The green apple! It may not have made its way to the mainstream fruit world as the 🍎 Red Apple has, but 🍏 is wonderful in its own way. It’s undeniably one of the best flavors, and scents there is!

Teacup Without Handle Emoji

🍵 Teacup Without Handle Emoji

This emoji represents the Japanese style and type of tea; matcha tea served in the signature matcha teacup. 🍵 also refers to green tea, thus making itself another health emoji. Again, the color and the benefits of the tea drive this correlation between green and health.

Green Book Emoji

📗 Green Book Emoji

The book is generally a depiction of education, learning, and literacy both online and offline. Now, that significance combined with the color psychology of green puts forth a compelling representation of awareness and education about the earth, healthy lifestyles, organic and natural options, and so on.

Evergreen Tree Emoji

🌲 Evergreen Tree Emoji

Another emoji with the name and the image rooting for the color green! The evergreen tree is a fauna species that never runs out of color. It is biologically meant to stay green for the entire course of its lifespan.

There are other tree emojis like 🌴 Palm Tree and 🌳 Deciduous Tree but none of them are as chlorophyllic as evergreens. They’re all subject to seasonal changes in the leaves and it’s quite ruthless to ask something of that magnitude from them! Nonetheless, the color of healthy trees without any weather changes is green.

Kiwi Fruit Emoji

🥝 Kiwi Emoji

The kiwi emoji online renders all kiwis to be green but in real life, they can be purple, red, brown, or golden too! However, these magical fruits are most often green anything else, like the purple kiwi can be regarded as an exotic variant of 🥝. Sadly, there isn’t a purple kiwi emoji, but the good news is that this one works for all.

Nauseated Face Emoji

🤢 Nauseated Face Emoji

This emoji is one of the examples of green being a not-so-positive color. Anyone who has watched cartoons would know the color of farts, though they’re colorless. Puke or vomit too appears green in an animated format. It’s the color of the gross in this case, and that sense of nausea is painted with a global green tint in 🤢.

The next stage of this nausea, 🤮 Vomiting, also has green in it, but the color is limited to just the vomit.

Shamrock Emoji

☘️ Shamrock Emoji

The shamrock is the definition of something more than just a leaf. ☘️ sparks imagery of celebrations for Saint Patrick’s Day. But, why?

The story behind ☘️ establishing itself as a St. Patrick’s symbol lies in this leaf and its metaphorical value for the holy trinity. It was first suggested by Saint Patrick himself!

Apart from this occasion, ☘️ also symbolizes Ireland and hence, anything Irish. All this makes ☘️ a busy emoji given its diverse interpretations!

Four Leaf Clover Emoji

🍀 Four-Leaf Clover Emoji

🍀 may seem like the cousin of the previous leaf with just another leaf in the stalk. But! That extra leaf is what makes this emoji that special and rare. A four-leaf clover, as green as it is, is also a universal mark of a rarity because these clovers are that tough to find.

Pear Emoji

🍐 Pear Emoji

Pears naturally occur in colors other than green. They’re available in yellow, red, reddish-yellow, and yellowish-green too. However, most of us know pears to be green and Unicode acknowledges that. Thus, 🍐 appears as a green emoji on all platforms.

Avocado Emoji

🥑 Avocado Emoji

A ripe avocado that’s ready to eat would be soft and green on the outside. If it’s not ready yet, then the fruit would be hard. As the avocado ripens the color changes. It can go from green to darker green. Some ripe avocados also have black, brown, or purple skin. But, overall, avocados have an external green layer and yellow flesh on the inside.

Melon Emoji

🍈 Melon Emoji

Melons, in real life, possess a fair amount of variety in both the species and the color. There are yellow, orange, red, and sometimes even pink melons. This color variation is usually seen in the flesh, while the skin is most likely green than any other color. So, building on that external picture, 🍈 is a green emoji that appears with a different green on different platforms.

Herb Emoji

🌿 Herb Emoji

The word ‘herb’ and the idea of this plant offers green-tinted imagery unless it comes with a specific name or color. Herbs in general are green except for a few exceptions like lavender, chives, common sage, etc. Considering the generic “green image” of herbs, 🌿 is a green emoji on all virtual platforms.

Check Mark Button Emoji

✅ Check Mark Button Emoji

Red and green are not just Christmas colors, they’re often aligned with the idea of wrong and right too, respectively. Anything wrong or incorrect carries a red background or symbol like the ❌ Cross Mark, and anything right and correct is accompanied by a reassuring green mark like the ✅ Check Mark Button.

This analogy adds to the significance of the color green. Apart from positivity, organicity, naturality, and negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and envy, green could also symbolize feelings or statements of approval, agreement, and allowance.

Battery Emoji

🔋 Battery Emoji

This battery emoji portrays the happy side of an electronic battery. Batteries on phones, laptops, computers, tablets, are all shown with a green sign when they’re full and a red sign when they’re really low. We’re not sure about that sad situation of a dying battery, but 🔋 is a green signal on all platforms.

Recycling Symbol Emoji

♻️ Recycling Symbol Emoji

As mentioned before, green is the color of anything that’s devoid of chemicals, harshness and is overall inorganic. Recycling is such a process that involves nothing but everything that already exists. Existed, actually. This blessed process is one of the most organic and eco-friendly processes we could ever come up with. So, ♻️ can only be a green symbol, because no other color would say it better.

Japanese “Reserved” Button Emoji

🈯 Japanese ‘Reserved’ Button Emoji

Usually, green is used to communicate vacancies or anything that’s free to be taken. If you look at online bookings for movies or plays, the seats that are taken are shown with a red dot and not a green one. Green indicates that the place ain’t houseful, just yet.

But, the Japanese color for a reservation, in this case, is green. This button emoji neither conveys if the reserved seat is occupied or if it’s still waiting. The seat is reserved and that reservation according to this 🈯 Japanese button is marked in bright green.

Test Tube Emoji

🧪 Test Tube Emoji

Now, this is glassware from the virtual chemistry lab. The chemical liquid in this test tube is a different green on different platforms, but all green, nonetheless. Since green is the color of poison, the liquid in 🧪 is green on all platforms. It’s poisonous! It may just be about the chemistry, but pretty sure it’s not one between your body and this green chemical fluid!

Cucumber Emoji

🥒 Cucumber Emoji

Cucumbers are mainly four types, of numerous varieties; Armenian, Persian, English, and Lemon cucumbers. All of them are green veggies. The big ones and the small, are all fresh types of green. There may be a few cucumbers that are yellow or any other color but primarily, green is what engulfs them all.

Cactus Emoji

🌵 Cactus Emoji

There are nearly 2500 cucumber species in the world, of which some are capable of flowering. Regardless of the colors, cacti may sprout into either as a separate part of their body or as flowers, they’re all green on the bodily level. Most of them at least.

Leaf Fluttering In Wind Emoji

🍃 Leaf Fluttering in Wind Emoji

Leaves are green unless acted upon by seasonal fluctuations. Yes, there are some leaves that are not green, but most are flourishing bits of chlorophyll. 🍃 is the symbol of spring; a time when all leaves (excluding the exceptions) are green. So, 🍃 is a green emoji for two reasons; the season and the wonderful chlorophyll.

Pager Emoji

📟 Pager Emoji

Pagers may not be the chosen way to communicate in the modern age, but they’re not obsolete just yet. These devices today are secured only for certain professions. Pagers are now the professional choice rather than a personal choice.

The device in 📟 isn’t green, but what caught our eye is the screen. It’s green on every platform. This “green screen” (no puns intended), facilitates better visibility and readability. Not to forget the color’s potential for great night vision via its neon variants.

Christmas Tree Emoji

🎄 Christmas Tree Emoji

🎄 is the ornamental version of the 🌲 Evergreen Tree. A typical Christmas tree is essentially a decorated evergreen tree. This invariably makes the ‘Christmas tree’ tree a green tree, and the 🎄 Christmas Tree a green emoji.

Tanabata Tree Emoji

🎋 Tanabata Tree Emoji

The Tanabata tree grows from the same basis as the Christmas tree. It’s the symbol of celebration for the Japanese festival, Tanabata. This tradition denies the “Tanabata Tree” to be an actual tree since it’s a bamboo tree or any other tree peppered with vibrant decorations and wishes written on paper. Nevertheless, 🎋 does count as a green emoji because the body of this festive tree is green.

Pine Decoration Emoji

🎍 Pine Decoration Emoji

The western picture of a ‘pine decoration’ would involve pine cones instead of something green. It’s the Kadomatsu tradition of Japan that makes this pine decoration and the 🎍 emoji, green. This festive decor is not based on the fruits of a pine tree but the tree itself, along with pieces of bamboo trees.

Seedling Emoji

🌱 Seedling Emoji

Irrespective of the seeds sown, every seedling sprouts green before it shoots into the color(s) it’s genetically disposed towards. Everything’s chlorophyll infused. That’s what makes all seedlings green and that real-life inspiration is what fuels the 🌱 Seedling emoji, online.

Frog Emoji

🐸 Frog Emoji

Not all frogs are green per se. But most of them in cartoons and factually have a solid green skin or one that has some amount of it.

Green is consistent with this 🐸 amphibian emoji and the reptilian emojis as well. Despite the variety in their colors and shades, the following reptiles are portrayed as green emojis on all virtual platforms – 🦎 Lizard, 🐊 Crocodile, 🐢 Turtle, 🐍 Snake, 🐲 Dragon Face with its 🐉 Dragon Body.

Other reptiles such as 🦕 Sauropod and 🦖 T-Rex are shown as green animals on the majority of platforms except for a few where they are shown with brown, blue, light blue, or gray bodies.

Green is a complex color. It has many sides and shades to it. It’s sometimes seen and viewed as the most beautiful color but sometimes, it’s not so captivating. Whatever may be your POV when it comes to green, we hope these green emojis do their best in imparting the same.

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