🤢 Nauseated Face


Disgust, Gross, Yuck, Cringe, Awful, Vomit, Green Face, Terrible Food

🤢 Meaning: A green face with blank eyes, frowned eyebrows, and a tightly clenched mouth with flushed cheeks suggesting held-back puke. As the name suggests, this emoji signifies a general feeling of nausea for anything, it can be a video, image, or even a person.

The 🤢 Nauseated Face emoji shows a sense of being grossed out or cringe-maxed by something you read, heard or watched. This emoji also signals the other person to stop thinking from their rectum and begin thinking and texting from the brain.

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How and When to Use the 🤢 Nauseated Face Emoji

  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something super, SUPER cringe, or extremely gross you just witnessed.
  • If your friend is giving you unnecessary details about his/her dream or a filthy memory, use this emoji as a cry for help.
  • If you’re sending something horrifyingly gross to your homies, send this emoji along as a disclaimer.
  • This emoji also works great to just tell someone that you’re nauseous.

Other Names

  • 🤢 Yuck Face
  • 🤢 Gross
  • 🤢 Grossed Out
  • 🤢 Cringe
  • 🤢 Disgusted
  • 🤢 Disgust
  • 🤢 Green Face
  • 🤢 Vomit
  • 🤢 Puke
    🤢 Puking Face
    🤢 Terrible Food