🍎 Red Apple


Health, Fruit Salad, Apple Pie, Apple Juice, Keeps the Doctor Away, Temptation, Disobedience

🍎 Meaning: A round red apple with a slight dent on top and a reverse dent at the bottom signifying the typical apple shape. There’s also a thin, small brown stalk on top with a tiny green leaf protruding from it.

The 🍎 Red Apple emoji signifies health and a great way of keeping the doc away. Besides, if you were to take a side bite out of this emoji, it can refer to Apple too. Throwing back to Adam and Eve’s love story, apples can also indicate temptation, sin and disobedience, but hell, they taste good.

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How and When to Use the 🍎 Red Apple Emoji

  • If you’re showing off the new iPhone, Mac, or any Apple product you bought with a social media post/story, then guess what, you can use 🍎 in such captions or within the story too.
  • Biblically speaking, 🍎 can even be used as a colloquial way of saying “Stop tempting me, Satan 🍎”. (nothing to put any religion down here, all is good. Have an apple).
  • If someone told you that they’re sick and you want to sound silly and annoyingly funny at first and then actually rush to their place, you can use 🍎 while saying “Why the heck did you not keep the doc away?? 🍎”.
  • Use 🍎 while sharing apple-based (the fruit) food photography, videos, or even just recipes; it can be apple pie, apple juice, fruit salad (with a considerable amount of apples in it), anything.
  • If you have an apple body shape and you’re either sharing a body-positivity post or an informative post on ‘fashion for the apple body shape’ or anything, you can use 🍎 in such contexts too.

Other Names

  • 🍎 Apple
  • 🍎 Apple Body Shape
  • 🍎 Ripened Apple
  • 🍎 Red Fruit
  • 🍎 Apple by Steve Jobs
  • 🍎 Keeps the Doctor Away