🐸 Frog


Slimy, Monsoons, The Princess and the Frog, Tiny, Insect Catcher, Jumper

🐸 Meaning: A facial description of a frog with big, black and white, cartoony eyes, a pair of holes for the nostrils, and a wide smile with the slight of a red tongue seen in between.

The 🐸 Frog emoji is a generic reference to any frog species. This amphibian character signifies a great jumping span, a monsoon freak, and a sense of being cute (if you like frogs, that is).

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How and When to Use the 🐸 Frog Emoji

  • If you’re seeing someone who might look a little less attractive but transforms into a desirable person after a kiss, then you can use 🐸 to describe that person or to refer to them. For instance, “Listennnn. He ain’t that bad okay. We kissed and OMG, he’s a different person in bed! 🐸.
  • If you’re a crazy frog or someone you know is, you can use 🐸 in those contexts; like using this emoji in your social media profile name or while saving someone’s contact number on your phone.
  • Are you sharing some cute froggy pictures or videos from your camera roll? Or are you reposting someone else’s photography? Then, use 🐸 in such post captions.
  • Use 🐸 while sharing frog memes, pranks, fails and other funny content. You can also use this emoji while sharing rather serious and newsworthy content.
  • If you and your kids make some froggy sketches or got a couple of cartoon frog stickers, the memories of which you’re sharing on your social media, you can use 🐸 in such captions.

Other Names

  • 🐸 Toad
  • 🐸 Bullfrog
  • 🐸 Polliwog
  • 🐸 Tadpole
  • 🐸 Prince Naveen
  • 🐸 Michigan J Frog
  • 🐸 Crazy Frog
  • 🐸 Jumper