🍏 Green Apple


Health, Organic, Going Green, Flavour, Nutrition, Fibre, Protein

🍏 Meaning: A round green apple with two dents; one on top and the same reversed at the bottom, with a brown stalk on the top dent that also has a tiny green leaf growing out of it.

The 🍏 Green Apple signifies a slightly higher proportion of healthy properties when compared to red apples. However, apart from raw consumption, green apples are also known for their mesmerizing flavors used in a whole bunch of products; from shampoos to vodka.

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How and When to Use the 🍏 Green Apple Emoji

  • Building on the “keeping the doc away” phrase, 🍏 can signify a sense of “going green” and maybe even organic while maintaining one’s health and distance from a doctor.
  • Based on the previous point, you can use 🍏 while stating healthy habits, healthy diets, organic eating habits, etc.
  • Green apples have a fantastic flavor and aroma. If you’re sharing pictures of a bottle of delightful green apple vodka that you fell in love with or a green apple shampoo that you’re highly recommending, you can use 🍏 in such post captions as well.
  • Meanwhile, in an alternative reality, green apples can also signify an extremely upset stomach or even diarrhea. Baring that in mind, you can use 🍏 while explaining why you can’t make it to that party (hoax or not).

Other Names

  • 🍏 Apple
  • 🍏 Granny Smith
  • 🍏 Crispin
  • 🍏 Mustu Apple
  • 🍏 Shizuka Apple
  • 🍏 Pippin Apple