🧪 Test Tube


Chemical Reaction, Experimentation, Science, Liquid Mixing, Test Tube Drink, Sampling

🧪 Meaning: A left-tilting glass test tube containing three-fourths of bubbling green liquid with a few bubbles escaping from the rim.

The 🧪 Test Tube emoji represents the device used to examine chemical reactions. It signifies mixing, amalgamation, and experimentation. This emoji would also refer to other ‘test-tube’ related concepts.

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How and When to Use the 🧪 Test Tube Emoji

  • If you’re talking about ‘mixing’ or ‘combining’ two or more liquids (or anything) from an experimental POV, use 🧪. Like, “I wonder how it would be to mix his face and her brains 🧪 Oh wait. They had a baby“.
  • 🧪 is the perfect reference to alchemy as well. So, if you’re sharing quotes from The Alchemist, a genuine post on the science, a text message on it, or even an indication to an alchemist, use 🧪.
  • Use 🧪 while talking about ‘samples’ or ‘sampling’ too. For instance, “Let’s work it out with small quants first 🧪”.
  • Test tubes are used in other environments independent of science too – like the bar. So, if you’re sharing informative content on a test-tube drink, then too, you can use 🧪.
  • While sharing a science-based post/repost or one that’s precisely related to chemical reactions, you may use 🧪. It can be a literal news post, informative repost, or a metaphorical use-case in a post caption.

Other Names

  • 🧪 Test-Tube
  • 🧪 Test Tube Drink
  • 🧪 Chemical Glassware
  • 🧪 Chemistry Lab Equipment
  • 🧪 Science Lab Test Tube
  • 🧪 Culture Tube
  • 🧪 Sample Tube