🐉 Dragon


Mythology, Danger, Destruction, Wild, Chaotic, Majestic, Supernatural, Fire Breather

🐉 Meaning: A full-body profile of a green-skinned dragon deeply bent to the left with orangish scales, long eyebrows, and two beard noodles, while its upper limbs seem to be holding a crystal ball, which is not seen in all platforms (DragonballZ much?).

Besides being really cool, the 🐉 Dragon emoji signifies fierceness, strength, chaos, destruction, wealth, prosperity, and the ability to breathe fire. It can have both negative and positive connotations depending on cultural prerequisites.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🐉 Dragon Emoji

  • From an Asian/Eastern POV, you can use 🐉 while wishing someone good health, prosperity, wealth, and goodness, which would mean danger, evil, and maybe even a sense of being powerful from a western POV.
  • Use 🐉 in your social media profile name if you love dragons. It can be an innate love for these magnificent creatures or a nurtured fascination for them after a TV series or a book.
  • You can also use 🐉 while sharing posts about dragons, it can be GoT related, or even an intriguing legendary fact about them or the Chinese dragon.
  • 🐉 can be used in the contexts of fire, smoke, and destruction too (from a light-hearted and engaging perspective). Like, “Whoooaaa. Burrrnnn. Someone’s making fresh barbeque 🐉”.
  • Use 🐉 while sharing pictures of a dragon sketch that you attempted or a gorgeous art piece that you’re reposting.

Other Names

  • 🐉 Dragon Body
  • 🐉 Full Dragon
  • 🐉 Drogon
  • 🐉 Pongo (Oswald?)
  • 🐉 Hydra
  • 🐉 Wyvern
  • 🐉 Spitting Fire Creature
  • 🐉 Chinese Dragon