✅ Check Mark Button


Support, Approval, Agreement, Voting, Selection, Attendance, Presence, Completion

Meaning: A green square, rounded on the corners and imprinted with a heavy white checkmark. The ✅ Check Mark Button emoji refers to a pressable checkmark, as the name suggests. Hence, indicating a machine or any other device that seeks approval.

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How and When to Use the ✅ Check Mark Button Emoji

  • ✅ could be of use in contexts of ‘casting a vote’, irrespective of the significance of the political background. For example, “Think wise and then lend your vote ✅” or “Please vote for me at the Student Voting Junction ✅”.
  • Green is generally the colour of ‘right’ or something that’s correct’. So, if you’re riddling someone or just weaving out a caption revolving the ‘right’ nature of the subject, you could use ✅ – “You’re absolutely right! ✅” or “The thing is, I always speak after I think. So, in a way, I’m subjectively correct ✅”.
  • Voting for someone or something democratically suggests support. If you’re speaking of supporting something/someone or approving of the same, you can use ✅.
  • Besides support and approval, ✅ also verifies one’s presence, hence, attendance. While referring to the ‘attendance’ of a person or a group of people, use this emoji. Like, “What’s the point of paying for college and spending the time bunking it? ✅” or “Attend the damn class ✅”.
  • Generally, ✅ could be brought into contexts of completion. For instance, “Completed my 3-month workout challenge! ✅” or “Twelve hours of unrestricted research: DONE ✅”.

Other Names

  • ✅ White Check Mark Button
  • ✅ White Check Mark on Green Square
  • ✅ Tick Mark
  • ✅ Approval Button
  • ✅ Voting Button
  • ✅ Attendance
  • ✅ Green Check Mark
  • ✅ Green Tick
  • ✅ Check Mark Symbol
  • ✅ White Heavy Check Mark