📗 Green Book


The Green Book, Nature, Environment, Education, Information, Learning, EVS, Text Book

📗 Meaning: A green book, similar in design as the 📕 Closed Book but with ‘Vol 2’ printed on the front. Historically speaking, the 📗 Green Book emoji could signify travel guidance, but generally, this emoji suggests education and learning about nature, the environment, the climate, etc.

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How and When to Use the 📗 Green Book Emoji

  • While sharing information and educative content on nature, climate, crises, and conservation, you could use 📗. For example, “This environment day, let’s learn all the ways we could better love our planet 📗” or “Conserving the climate shouldn’t be a question up for debate, it ought to be the rule of the land 📗”.
  • Speaking of the environment 📗 could be used to indicate an ‘Environmental Studies’ or EVS textbook.
  • On a common note, the color green symbolizes peace, life, and a sense of being closer to nature and living organically. So, if any context fits these aspects along with education and learning, feel free to use 📗. For instance, “Go on, wild one. Learn to live from the forests 📗”.
  • That being said, 📗 can also be used to refer to any book with a green cover; a novel, a textbook, a magazine, holy books, etc.

Other Names

  • 📗 The Green Book
  • 📗 A Closed Green Book
  • 📗 Volume 2
  • 📗 Green Textbook
  • 📗 Book With Green Cover
  • 📗 Nature Book