???? Turtle


Slow Movement, Swimmers, Pet Turtles, Slow and Steady, Tough, Wrinkles, Self Defense, Cute, Long Life

???? Meaning: A full-body profile of a turtle which a green body, and even a green shell. The character has a long neck that ends in its face with a pair of black eyes, it has four bulky limbs and stubby feet.

The ???? Turtle emoji can be a generic reference to all turtles and tortoises. It signifies self-defense, an incredible life span, toughness, slow movement, and wrinkly texture that gives it an elderly and wise look.

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How and When to Use the ???? Turtle Emoji

  • If you’re posting a picture of yourself that ought to have a caption that resonates with ‘wisdom’ and ‘slow and steadiness’, you can use ???? in such captions.
  • You can also follow the above usage if you’re a turtle lover or you work with these gentle reptiles for a living.
  • If you’re discussing a plan or a getaway with your buds, you can use ???? to indicate “PLEASE DON’T BE LATE ????.
  • Use ???? while posting turtle/tortoise photos and videos of your pet turtle (or a turtle you met elsewhere), either from your own photo archive or a repost containing gorgeous turtle photography.
  • If someone in your friend circle is quite easy to get defensive and curl back into their comfort zone in the face of the slightest harm, you can use ???? to refer to that person (with mutual understanding, respect, and consent, yet). Like “Omg, I just said it. There would be a defensive attack in 5… 4… ????.

Other Names

  • ???? Tortoise
  • ???? Chelonian
  • ???? Cooter
  • ???? Leatherback
  • ???? Master Oogway
  • ???? Loggerhead
  • ???? Terrapin