📟 Pager


Communication, Emergency, Professional Usage, Information Transfer, Old School Tech

📟 Meaning: A rectangular device with a green screen in the top half bordered by the grey/black body of the gadget, below which are three keys; one plain black and the other two characterized by red and green dots.

The 📟 Pager emoji represents the initial version of the modern-day phone. However, in a present-day scenario, this emoji could mostly suggest only emergency pager systems that are used among professional groups such as healthcare, fire department, etc.

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How and When to Use the 📟 Pager Emoji

  • If you’re posting or reposting a gratitude-filled post dedicated to the healthcare dept., the fire dept., or even restaurant chains, you may use 📟 in the caption as these are the folks who continue staying connected via the pager.
  • Pagers are essentially the precedents to today’s smartphones; a kind of a map to the currently evolved technology. If you’re using this kind of precedence or a sense of saying “I was here before”, you could use 📟. Like, “Say what you want, but I was here way before y’all 📟”.
  • 📟 could be used to indicate an important message, a secretive text, or just about anything that counts as confidential. For example, “No one needs to know about what we spoke at the park, kay? 📟”.
  • You may use 📟 while referring to walky-talkies too.
  • If you’re sharing content on technology; old-school tech or pure nostalgia, you may use 📟; it could be a link to an article about previous technology, a post about some cool pagers, etc.

Other Names

  • 📟 Beeper
  • 📟 Bleeper
  • 📟 Intercom
  • 📟 Two-Way Pager
  • 📟 One-Way Pager
  • 📟 Walky-Talky