❌ Cross Mark


Disapproval, Disagreement, Disqualified, Unacceptable, Incorrect, Wrong, Removed

Meaning: A red, capital ‘X’ mark, sometimes defined with a black outline. The ❌ Cross Mark emoji indicates something that’s wrong, incorrect, unacceptable, and unapprovable.

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How and When to Use the ❌ Cross Mark Emoji

  • While goofing around with riddles and questions, both genuinely and sarcastically, ❌ could be your option to respond to a wrong answer. Like, “Nope. That’s not the answer! ❌” or “I wish that were true ❌”.
  • ❌ could also signify disallowance or disapproval. For example, “Nahhh. Not again ❌” or “Oh. God. No. Dude. I DO NOT approve ❌”.
  • If you’re typing out a ‘disclaimer’ in your caption or some kind of warning, foreword, or message that stands against something, you can use ❌- “This post does not intend to harm the parties it speaks of ❌”.
  • You may even bring ❌ into the context of disqualifying something or someone. For instance, “You didn’t hear? He’s OUT of the game ❌” or “They’re way out of the tournament that the tournament is now a dot to them! ❌”.

Other Names

  • ❌ Wrong
  • ❌ Incorrect
  • ❌ Red ‘X’ Mark
  • ❌ Cross
  • ❌ X
  • ❌ Red X
  • ❌ Red Cross Mark