🦎 Lizard


Sticky, Crawling, Scaly, Creepy, Nature, Clingy, Nocturnal, Insect Catcher

🦎 Meaning: A full-length description of a lizard with green scaly skin and bulky black eyes, a pointy face, a long tail, and four short limbs with four to five digited hands that have sticky ends.

The 🦎 Lizard emoji refers to a green garden lizard, but it can be used to suggest other species as well. This emoji signifies a sense of being clingy, sticky, crawly, abundant (coz there are LOADS of them out there) and maybe even creepy (actually, very, very creepy).

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How and When to Use the 🦎 Lizard Emoji

  • If someone’s being a little too clingy, you can use 🦎 in that conversation; like “Bro. Stop it. Ugh 🦎”.
  • 🦎 is a great way to freak someone out on text (unless the person is a reptile lover, of course). Just drop in this emoji to create a temporary air of silence and utmost discomfort for whatever reason it may be.
  • If you love lizards or you find this crawly creature to be your spirit animal, feel free to express this niche interest with a 🦎 in your social media profile name.
  • Did you just see the most beautiful lizard? Did you manage to procure some amazing shots of the little (or big) guy? Use 🦎 in the captions if you’re posting such photography or videography on social media.
  • Were you just chilling at home and you encountered this harmlessly creepy creature? Are you ranting about it to someone via text? Then, use 🦎 if you’re too uncomfortable to type the name.

Other Names

  • 🦎 Gecko
  • 🦎 Pest
  • 🦎 Crawly
  • 🦎 Wall Crawler
  • 🦎 Reptile
  • 🦎 House Lizard
  • 🦎 Monitor Lizard