25 Tool Emojis and Endless Terrible Puns

Humor can sometimes be a pun-ishment.

Puns and emojis go hand in hand a lot of times. Most find it difficult to decipher these emoji puns or “emoji-play”, if you will, while the rest, don’t even try or rather don’t want to. But, we pun lovers got to keep grinding! Until there’s enough coffee for all the aching brains around or within us.

Presenting, tool emojis but powered by puns.

Hammer Emoji

🔨 Hammer Emoji

Now, here’s evidence that this tool absolutely nails it!

The hammer is a funny guy. He has no idea what’s going on until he’s beat! He’s obsessed with power and loves beating everything around him, around that bush next to him and himself! Nevertheless, he’s a good chap that does the job of nailing things into place.

Axe Emoji

🪓 Axe Emoji

Stop trying to cut down those calories! Let yourself be!

The ax has been of great use in the past and the present. Destructive acts of chopping things up, cutting things down, and playing the lead role in ancient deforestation (because now we have the technology), may not have earned the 🪓 a very axecellent name.

But, it has it’s good sides. Few, but existence.

🪓 is a great way to build some muscle, even if it happens axedentally. Of course, all that deforestation must’ve paid off in one way or the other. Now we have more industrial land, more muscle, less body stress, and a massive climate crisis. How wonderful.

Pick Emoji

⛏️ Pick Emoji

🤷: Nah. You don’t get to pick sides, mate. You dig where you’re told to.
🧔: This sucks. Nothing can ever be mine.

It’s all fun and games until someone starts picking on you for picking the wrong side. ⛏️ has no chill whatsoever. You surface what you surface. You cannot hide what you unearth in the process of opening up. Such is the power of the mighty pick.

Hammer And Pick Emoji

⚒️ Hammer and Pick Emoji

This one’s for when you hit rock bottom.

Imagine being hammered for picking the wrong side. That’s the scene, mate. You dig where you’re told to! Only to go back home and realize that you were wrong the whole time. The dude picked the wrong option all along. He chose to pick on his past. Smh.

Hammer And Wrench Emoji

🛠️ Hammer and Wrench Emoji

If Thor and Spud the Spanner has a brand of their own, this would totally be the logo.

Do the math.

🛠️ represents a mechanic’s tools. It’s to do with the hammering and the screwing or the unscrewing. Pretty sure 🔧 is the one who turns this relationship around each time. It’s the only way when you have a beater completing the other half of the partnership! Not to forget the random nailing!

Wrench Emoji

🔧 Wrench Emoji

Speaking of turning things around, we have the perfect tool that can fix almost anything.

Including a broken heart. Because these guys can snap you out of it in an instant. They’re quite heart-wrenching that way. But jokes aside, spanners have a great sense of timing. They know exactly when you screw up.

🧔: I met 🔧 and my life just turned. Finally, something that’s mine.

Nut And Bolt Emoji

🔩 Nut and Bolt Emoji

Talk about screwing up.

The only thing nuts and bolts have in common is that it’s always the little things for them. They’re strong believers of details. You cannot hang up anything without them. Even a phone call gets miserable if they’re not a part of it. It’s just small talk, then.

Gear Emoji

⚙️ Gear Emoji

🚴‍♀️: Hey, you ready or what?
🚴‍♂️: Yep! Just packing my gear ⚙️
🚴‍♀️: You’re bringing a gear?
🚴‍♂️: Yeah! How else would I ride my bike tomorrow without my cycling gear?
🚴‍♀️: Oh. I thought you were bringing along that gear tool.
🚴‍♂️: Oh, yeah. I’m bringing that too.
🚴‍♀️: But why, bro? We’re going biking up the mountains, not straight into a garage.
🚴‍♂️: Exactly my concern.
🚴‍♀️: Ugh. Why do I even bother.

Gears may not be appreciated enough but this section is all here for it. Without gears, we’d be a slow world. All the credit for the speed and velocity we have today goes to the ⚙️. So, like the biking enthusiast, we recommend you too to gear up and get going!

Clamp Emoji

🗜️ Clamp Emoji

🐇: Dude. I don’t think I can go any further. It’s exhausting.
🐌: Haha looks like all that confidence wasn’t quite enough to save you. Now, quit being so embarrassing and pull it together! We have a fable to finish!

Clamps help hold things together. Like a race. The hare and the turtle, that race. We know no other. Sometimes to suffocating extents, if used wrongly. But nonetheless, they put the “C” in the lamp. It’s no good if there’s light all around and you can’t see. You gotta C to make things happen. Even if it means to pressure it a little.

⊛ Screwdriver Emoji

🪛 Screwdriver Emoji

Here’s an old but gold pun and joke to start this section.

🍹: Yo, mate. Guess what. They’ve named a drink after you!
🪛: What are you saying?! There’s a drink called Harish now?!

The screwdriver is a beginner’s tool for precision. It’s the one that needs a good amount of focus and average dexterity to get things turning. Otherwise, there’s no point to the whole situation. Gotta stick them nails with the pointy end in this case!

⊛ Carpentry Saw Emoji

🪚 Carpentry Saw Emoji

🪵: I don’t know why I need to put myself through this.
🪚: Come on! It’s not going to be that bad! I’ll just cut you up a little. It might hurt, but you’ll heal.
🪵: Now that I think about it, I have no idea what I even saw in you that I didn’t in all the other saws.
🪚: *sobs* Anyway. This is just a one-time thing, okay? No feelings involved.

🪚 is a blessing. Imagine a life without the saw. We’d be breaking wood with our bare hands or getting it wrong each time with an ax. The saw is so strong that it can slice not just through wood but metal or even stone, sometimes. And all that, without seeing.

Chains Emoji

⛓️ Chains Emoji

⛓️: I want to break free so bad.
🪚: I can help!
⛓️: Yes, you can, but it’s an endless chain.
🪚: Oh. It would take a while then, but I’ll help you.
⛓️: Thank you very much, buddy. I can see why you’re such a good tool (unlike Wood).

It sucks to be in chains. Most times, links are invisible but have a dominating presence. You just know when you’re chained because everything’s 🔗 linked. And when this is the case, it’s all only a vicious chain reaction.

But, there’s good news! You can always 🪚 cut it off!

⊛ Hook Emoji

🪝 Hook Emoji

Hooks have a terrible habit of binge-watching. These guys can get easily hooked on to things! Despite it all, 🪝 are super reliable. You could hang anything on them and they’d never drop anything off the hook! And they’re never clingy. They do it all while putting you off themselves too!

Toolbox Emoji

🧰 Toolbox Emoji

Ain’t life just perfect when you have all that you need in one box. A red, happy-eyed box with parallel lines for a straight smile. The tools housed within this magical box can prove to be helpful with time. A toolkit is all that you’ll ever need. Sometimes frighteningly so.

⊛ Ladder Emoji

🪜 Ladder Emoji

This is a new emoji and is not supported on all online platforms yet.

Ladders are symbolic of economic and professional status. You either climb up the hierarchy, make loads of moolah or you fall right down. It can be snakes and ladders at times, especially when you have lots of snakes in the journey. Snakes on a ply-ne.

Magnet Emoji

🧲 Magnet Emoji

It’s hard to resist a magnet. Even non-consensually, it’s just there attracting randomity! A magnet can do many things, except one. Attract like and like. If you’re the magnet, you’re more likely to attract likeness than otherwise. That’s mostly the goal. Poof! All this attraction and 🧲 cannot bring us together. Sad.

Link Emoji

🔗 Link Emoji

🔗 describes an online link better, but we know what’s best. Connections! Like the 🔗 link icon can lead to sites virtually, the concept of a link in real life works similarly. Sometimes you know the destination of a link because you’re so used to it, sometimes this link can be broken, sometimes known links can have unexpected changes in them and sometimes it’s a fraudulent link. Virtuality and reality are not very different at all.

Dagger Emoji

🗡️ Dagger Emoji

Daggers are tools that remind us of something very important; size never matters. 🗡️ maybe small and much shorter than usual weapons but boy is it, killer. The dagger can make the cut just as much as any other knife. It’s stereotype-shattering that way.

Crossed Swords Emoji

⚔️ Crossed Swords Emoji

It’s all fun and games to stay mad at things until you’re cross with swords. ⚔️ can be unforgiving in obvious ways. They kill! But, if you’re not a very sharp swordsperson ⚔️ wouldn’t have a point in your hands. Which is a lot more dangerous than actuality. But, hey, you could still kill. Not very impressively though.

⊛ Boomerang Emoji

🪃 Boomerang Emoji

Most of us have no idea what an actual boomerang looks and feels like, but we know what it does thanks to social media. If karma needed an emoji, 🪃 is it. Everything that goes around, if unfortunately thrown in the wrong direction, will come back as a welcoming smack in the face! 🪃 takes the full circle back to you.

But if thrown with great skill, 🪃 can even be a hunting weapon. Again, it’s karma in the making. Using karma to create karma only to receive karma, wow.

Pistol Emoji

🔫 Water Pistol Emoji

If we had to bring threats and wastage together, 🔫 would be the result. Threatening someone with a water pistol is threatening the rest of us with possible wastage of water. Nothing wastes a bullet like 🔫. But if someone would take that bullet for you, it’s time to get the heck out of there!

Bow And Arrow Emoji

🏹 Bow and Arrow Emoji

🪜: What’s your biggest aim in life?
🏹: To go as far as I can. Yours?
🪜: To keep climbers from kicking me.
🏹: Haha. Bull’s eye!

Life is as uncertain as it gets. Though the aim is to live in the moment, it never hurts to be foresighted. Look at 🏹 for instance. They always have a sense of direction regardless of the angle! They look the target in the bull’s eye and give it a wink because this pair knows every drag to be worth the shot.

Shield Emoji

🛡️ Shield Emoji

The world is a crazy place full of good and bad. There’s nothing all good and nothing all bad. It can get tricky to get out of bed each day and choose to be a person. But! You can always choose to shield yourself from all the things that make you feel less you. It’s always best to block that negativity out and live your life!

White Cane Emoji

🦯 White Cane Emoji

🦯 is essentially a walking stick. White is just the color of the cane, nothing whacky. So, what’s a cane doing in a tool’s list? 🦯 is a walking tool. Though it’s nothing more than just a white cane to us, visual people, 🦯 is a guide for the visually challenged. It helps get things and people who can’t watch where they’re going, out of their way.

Balance Scale Emoji

⚖️ Balance Scale Emoji

🪜: Yo watcha doing?! Why do you look funny?
⚖️: Ah, nothing mate. Just weighing my options.
🪜: Oh cool. Why both your options empty?
⚖️: Because I signify justice.
🪜: OOF. Bro.

⚖️ may have no chill whatsoever, but you could! It all comes down to balance! When things are thrown off the scales, imbalance is the natural consequence. Hence ⚖️ has no chill. Balance comes with equality after all. And that explains why it’s such a task for us!

Tools have their own way around things. Each unique and perfect in its own way. There’s nothing right or wrong because this judgment is personal for each tool. You can’t use a hammer for sport, but you could do that with an ax. Every tool has its purpose. Now that doesn’t mean the hammer is any less than the ax or vice versa! Though there are many different tools, they all have one thing in common; equality.

So, the next time you’re referring to the tools on this list or to their great sense of humor, we hope these emojis are an inspiration!