🍈 Melon


Muskmelon, Cantaloupe, Pepo, Berry, Fruit Salad

🍈 Meaning: A dull yellow-greenish big round fruit that hangs with a tiny brown stalk on a thin brown stem. Although the 🍈 Melon emoji mostly signifies musk melons or cantaloupes, it can be used to represent any fruit among the melon fam.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🍈 Melon Emoji

  • First off, use 🍈 in the captions or within a text message while sending pictures or videos of melons (the fruit, in case you were confused). It can be anything, a picture of your melon farm, a ripe and colorful harvest, or even a bulk melon purchase you made this morning.
  • If you love melons or if your social media page has the word ‘melon’ or ‘cantaloupe’ in it, you can use 🍈 in your social media profile name.
  • Now the dirty side to melons; it is a crass reference to a woman’s breasts. So, you can use 🍈 in such corresponding contexts (quite irrational and yucky, but yeah, it happens and it happens a lot).
  • If you’re reposting a viral video of a fruit that looks like a melon but isn’t and also doesn’t have an emoji dedicated to it, then you can use 🍈 in such captions too.
  • You can also use 🍈 if you’re sharing pictures of a bowl of fruit salad (that has melon in it, of course).

Other Names

  • 🍈 Cantaloupe
  • 🍈 Musk Melon
  • 🍈 Rockmelon
  • 🍈 Spanspek
  • 🍈 Pepo
  • 🍈 Berry (yep, a melon is a berry)