Time Emoji Series

It’s five o’clock somewhere

It definitely is, and that means, someone around the world, is always, and by always, we mean, constantly having a great time and an even greater drink irrespective of what people think about them. Isn’t that the definition of freedom? No, not the drinking. The ignorance.

Ignoring what people say, think, do, blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t matter, none of it does. We’re all entitled to our own time and space; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (if you’re into it).

So. If you too believe in personal freedom of time as much as space and everything else, these time emojis would be of great help while talking about anything related to time. Or of the illusion.

Sand Time

  • ⌛ Hourglass Not Done
    An hourglass that’s not done suggests that you still have time, but not as much as you think you do because the speed of the pouring sand is not very different from time.
  • ⌛ Hourglass Done
    Time’s up!
    Whoa, whoa. That was too quick, wasn’t it?
    Well. What can I say?

Portable Time

  • ⌚ Watch
    Wristwatches are not as popular and visible these days. Thanks to smartphones, people are beginning to forget the elegance and style of a classic wristwatch. Maybe their watch has ended.
  • ⏱️ Stopwatch
    Apart from annoyingly timing things, like how fast you eat, how long your best friend speaks, and how long the sex lasts, stopwatches are antique pieces. They never run of style. But again, with phones, stopwatches are not all the rage anymore. Except for watch fanatics.

Antique Time (not the time, the device that holds it)

  • 🕰️ Mantelpiece Clock
    Okay, now. Mantelpiece clocks aren’t applicable only if you have a mantlepiece or a fireplace. You could live in the hottest part of the world and still own this clock and rock it on any table or any flat surface for that matter!

Noisy Time

  • ⏲️ Timer Clock
    Anyone who has been to a kitchen will know timer clocks and how noisy they can get. That’s what “noisy time” meant. You could forget setting the timer, but the timer can never and will never miss the schedule.
    Pretty much the point of inventing such clocks, actually.
  • ⏰ Alarm Clock
    Speak about hope. Alarm clocks are super alarming because they’re running out in the market. Smartphones, everybody! Also, these clocks could be bad for your heart because you’re waking up almost every day with an explosive ringing.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Time is everything. We’ve come to personify this illusion of existence as many things; money, love, life, death, age, experience, etc. But, as a matter of fact, time hardly exists. It’s a mechanism brought by humankind to make life a little more accountable.

Without time, there’s madness, chaos, confusion, anxiety, fear, and most of all, uncertainty. But with this illusion, everything becomes easier to bear. We know when things happen and how that “when” is normal and acceptable. Because without this “when” we wouldn’t be able to function even for a single day. So. Whatever may be your reason for referring to time on a virtual platform, we hope this blog post comes of use.