🕒 Three O’Clock


Halloween, Horror, Witching Hour, Song Title, Good Friday

🕒 Meaning: A circular clock with a plain dial, a grey frame, and a pair of a short and a long hand, pointing at 3 and 12 respectively. Are you feeling the spooks yet? If not, you’re not into horror, smh.

The 🕒 Three O’Clock emoji has tons of horror interpretations. Apart from just a scary movie, this emoji can also have certain religious or maybe even cultural significances.

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How and When to Use the 🕒 Three O’Clock Emoji

  • You can use 🕒 in the post or repost caption for anything pertaining to Halloween; it can be a Halloween dress-up video, a cooking video, a picture of your Halloween costume, anything.
  • Apart from just Halloween, you could bring the 🕒 emoji into frameworks that are generally about nothing but horror. It can be a horror story repost, a horror movie review, a scary dream, etc.
  • 🕒 can also be used in general contexts of scaring someone or planning to, irrespective of whether it’s taken seriously or not. For example, “I can’t rest until I scare the hell outta him 🕒”.
  • Keeping the scary part aside, 3:00 PM or 15:00 can also refer to Good Friday. So, if you’re posting or reposting something for the day, you can use 🕒 in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🕒 Clock Strikes Three
  • 🕒 3:00 AM
  • 🕒 3:00 PM
  • 🕒 15:00
  • 🕒 Clock Face Showing Three O’Clock
  • 🕒 The Devil’s Hour
  • 🕒 Witching Hour