22 Arrow Emojis Pointing in the Right Direction

Navigating via emojis

Directions are crucial; literally and metaphorically. We all need navigation on our screens just as much as we need it in travel and generally, in life. But, are they always easy to decipher? Are they direct or indirect? Are they objective signs or signs functioning through living things?

All those tough codes are for the real world to crack because everything is quite straightforward online. Direction emojis can get ambiguous too, but it all depends on the context. Unlike in real life. This list compiles all those navigational or directional emojis that are happy to help locate things on a screen. Plus, they’re super easy to decipher.

Four Main Directional Emojis

Four Sub-Directional Emojis

All Eight Directions

  • The ๐Ÿงญ Compass is the only emoji that encompasses all four main directions and sub-directions.

Curved Directional Emojis

Double-Sided Directional Emojis

Directional Emojis With Specifics

Cyclical Emojis

These are just objective directions. You always get to choose your direction, even if it means taking the road less traveled. In other words, you could combine two or more navigational emojis and create your own direction, along with using these arrows in philosophical contexts too.