🕝 Two-Thirty


Half-Past Two, 2:30 PM, 2:30 AM, Half-Past Fourteen, 14:30, Clock Face, Time

🕝 Meaning: A simple and plain round clock with a silver frame and a pair of hands of the same color. The short hand in this pair is held between 2 and 3, and the long hand at 6.

The 🕝 Two-Thirty emoji is a visual representation of both AM and PM time slots of 2:30; it signifies 2:30 AM and 2:30 PM in the 12-hour clock and in the 24-hour clock, it suggests 2:30 and 14:30 (no AM and PM).

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How and When to Use the 🕝 Two-Thirty Emoji

  • Is there a party starting around 2:30 or 14:30? Are you texting your buddies to be ready or get to the venue by then? If that’s the case, then you can use 🕝 in those conversations.
  • There isn’t a need to type out the time while using 🕝. However, ensure that the person you’re sending it to is familiar with time emojis and moreover can decipher this tiny emoji on their phones.
  • If you’re texting someone that you’re heading for your 2:30 PM nap or that you’re finally crashing at 2:30 AM, you can bring in the 🕝. Like, “Aight, mate. Gonna take my most important nap of the day 🕝”.
  • If someone you know is in a different time zone and they’re asking you the time in your zone, you can send 🕝 if it’s 2:30 indeed.

Other Names

  • 🕝 Half-Past Two
  • 🕝 Half-Past Fourteen
  • 🕝 2:30 AM
  • 🕝 2:30 PM
  • 🕝 14:30
  • 🕝 Clock Showing Two-Thirty
  • 🕝 Clock Face Two-Thirty