🕧 Twelve-Thirty


Half-Past Twelve, Half-Past Midnight, Half-Past Noon, Matinee, Mid-Day

🕧 Meaning: A circular clock with a greyish framework and hands of the same color pointing towards the top and bottom of the clock. Although there may not be spokes or numbers indicating the time, it’s 12:30.

The 🕧 Twelve-Thirty emoji represents half-past twelve either in the afternoon or midnight. It signifies 12:30 in the 12-hour clock and 00:30 in the 24-hour timeframe.

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How and When to Use the 🕧 Twelve-Thirty Emoji

  • While suggesting the perfect time for an afternoon date lunch, a midnight movie plan, or even a matinee show you’ve been planning since time immemorial, you can use 🕧.
  • If you’re texting someone about something out-of-the-blue or shocking that happened at 12:30 AM/PM, use 🕧 in that conversation. For example, “I think it was around 🕧 when the horrendous scene happened”.
  • Referring back to the first point, you can use 🕧 while reminding someone to pick you up or meet you at the designated time.
  • If you’re the kind to hype up your birthday or that of someone else’s, you can bring in 🕧 in contexts like “Half hour since my baby girl turned 35!!🕧”.

Other Names

  • 🕧 Half-Past Twelve
  • 🕧 12:30 AM
  • 🕧 12:30 PM
  • 🕧 Half-Past Midnight
  • 🕧 12:30
  • 🕧 Half-Past Noon