⏲️ Timer Clock


Kitchen Timer, Analog Timer, Allotted Time, Timed Situation, Countdown

⏲️ Meaning: A turnable timer with tiny spokes in a circular design and a holder in between. This entire design is on a solid surface with a red mark on top representing the stop-start point.

The ⏲️ Timer Clock signifies a timed situation or even a conversation. It refers to the timer used in the kitchen and any other setup that requires to be timed. In some use cases, this emoji can also suggest a countdown.

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How and When to Use the ⏲️ Timer Clock Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone to switch off the gas or any other home appliance at an allotted time, you can use ⏲️. Like, “Listen! Could you please turn off the oven in about 10 mins ⏲️ I completely forgot about the turkey inside, ugh” (also, call if it’s an emergency).
  • A timer is used when the time is pre-decided and the scenario needs to fit into this time gap. So while playfully (or not) suggesting someone to wind up their rant, you can use ⏲️. For example, “Argh. Okay. You have 15 mins to vent out all that you want ⏲️ and I’m being generous“.
  • ⏲️ can also be used to indicate the start and end time. For instance, if you’re texting someone about the timings of a match/game or anything else, you can use this emoji – “It starts at about 3 PM and finishes at around 6-ish ⏲️”.
  • You can also use ⏲️ to suggest that someone is allocated a particular task that needs to be finished within a strict time bracket.

Other Names

  • ⏲️ Kitchen Timer
  • ⏲️ Timepiece
  • ⏲️ Timer
  • ⏲️ Analog Timer
  • ⏲️ Digital Timer
  • ⏲️ Ticker
  • ⏲️ Countdown Timer