🕐 One O’Clock


Midnight, Afternoon, 13:00, One PM, One AM, Time, Clock Face

🕐 Meaning: A round clock face with a white, plain dial, a grey frame, and two hands of the same color, with the minute-hand held towards the top and the hour-hand pointing on the fifth spoke after.

The 🕐 One O’Clock emoji represents both, the AM and PM versions of one o’clock. It could suggest the middle of the night in the former and mid-noon or afternoon in the latter scenario.

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How and When to Use the 🕐 One O’Clock Emoji

  • While replying to that “Am I late?” or “What time did the game even start?” rhetoric, you can use 🕐. Like, “Nope. Not late at all. Just in time after about an hour 🕐”.
  • You can use 🕐 while texting someone to meet you at 1:00 PM or AM, whichever is the plan.
  • If you’re posting something special for a special someone about the time you met each other or spoke to each other for the first time, you can use 🕐. For example, “It all goes back to the crazy time when it was 1 PM at the coffee shop 🕐”.
  • If you’re asking someone to wake you up or remind you of something at one o’clock, use 🕐. For instance, “I’ll procrastinate till 🕐. Please wake me up then”.

Other Names

  • 🕐 Clock Face Showing One O’Clock
  • 🕐 One AM
  • 🕐 One PM
  • 🕐 1:00 AM
  • 🕐 1:00 PM
  • 🕐 13:00