⏰ Alarm Clock


Alert, Punctuality, On Time, Timed, Wake Up, Hope, Discipline

Meaning: A red-framed clock with short spokes for the numbers, with the hands showing 10:10:30, a pair of short silver stands at the bottom and two ringers at the top, with a stop button in between them.

The ⏰ Alarm Clock emoji signifies an alarm, as the name suggests. Moreover, this emoji suggests a sense of punctuality, timing, and an alerting device for the user to wake up on time.

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How and When to Use the ⏰ Alarm Clock Emoji

  • More often than not, ⏰ represents waking up early the next morning. So, if you’re texting someone that you need to crash or that you have to go to bed early, you can use this emoji. Like, “Sorry, man. Turns out I have a life! Need to wake up early ⏰”.
  • With the need to wake up early the next morning, comes a matter of hope (because the next morning is uncertain). While posting or reposting something that resonates with hope, you can use ⏰. For example, “Keep hope alive just like you keep your alarm alive ⏰”.
  • An alarm clock could also represent an alert or an emergency notification. If you want to suggest this in any of your post captions, you could use ⏰.
  • In a similar context, you could also use ⏰ to indicate a timed alert. For instance, “Hurry! Only a few hours left to avail the offer ⏰”.

Other Names

  • ⏰ Alarm
  • ⏰ Clock
  • ⏰ Notification
  • ⏰ Alert
  • ⏰ Time
  • ⏰ Alarm Watch
  • ⏰ Alarm System
  • ⏰ Clock Radio
  • ⏰ Analog Alarm Clock
  • ⏰ Digital Alarm Clock