⌚ Watch


Time, Personal Time, Accessibility, Luxury, Style, Wristwatch

Meaning: A black wristwatch with a square dial and a black strap. There’s a circular depiction of the clock with the hour-hand pointed to 10, the minute-hand towards 2, and the seconds at 6 (10:10:30).

The ⌚ Watch emoji represents time on a general note. It also suggests accessibility and the ease of knowing the time (before phones stole the show, of course). Apart from just time, watches also have a sense of luxury and fashion attached to them.

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How and When to Use the ⌚ Watch Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone to “be on time” or even while reiterating the allotted time for that forgetful friend, you can use ⌚. For example, “I need you here by 6 PM, cool? ⌚”.
  • Use ⌚ to suggest that you’re busy or you have no time. For all those naggy pals, throw in this emoji to say “Aye. I have no time, bruhGotta work“.
  • Since a watch is a personal reference to time, ⌚ can be used to suggest that everyone has their own version and approach to time, or moreover life. For instance, “Look. Everyone moves at their own pace. Don’t rush yourself into society’s structure ⌚”.
  • If you’re using the proverb “Every dog has its day” or any other version of the same thing in any context, you can use ⌚. Like, “Bro. Relax. Your time to shine is not here yet. But it could be right around the corner ⌚. Continue doing whatever you’re doing, mate!

Other Names

  • ⌚ Wristwatch
  • ⌚ Time
  • ⌚ Black Wristwatch
  • ⌚ Timepiece
  • ⌚ Analog Watch
  • ⌚ Digital Watch
  • ⌚ Wrist Clock