15 Emojis Highlighting Some Awesome Facts About Our Bodies

Body shaming: One of our most stupid inventions of all time.

The human body is one of the fascinating outcomes of the big bang. An extensive course of evolution has brought the human race to the present humankind that it is. Though the body is just a vessel for the immense amount of potential and power that a human possesses, it’s a lot more dynamic and strong than we’d believe it to be.

But, sadly, humans love bias and the human body doesn’t escape this absurd need to classify either. There’s always a block called the “block of perfection” that all humans are taught to fit into. But, here’s the thing. As humans age, we’re bound to get a little round. So, you see where things have and still go wrong. Fitting circles into squares the whole time.

Irrespective of the insanity of the current world, we’d like to remind you of the incredible bodies we have. Plus, this is the secular kind of incredible. It functions regardless of the “way your body is supposed to be”. It’s omni-functioning. So, here are all the body emojis spitting some facts in bold.

Brain Emoji

🧠 The Brain

Although we’ve used this emoji in a “human” blog post, 🧠 could refer to the brain of any animal species. But, here, we’re focusing on the problem. Humans. lols.

  • 🧠 The modern human brain is anywhere between 40,000 and 1.7 million years old. Yep, the stretch is a bit too much. Different sources, different info.
  • 🧠 The brain is 80% water and about 12 to 14% fat. So get hydrating! Even your brain needs it!
  • 🧠 The human brain is said to be fully developed by 25 years of age. Hmm, that’s strange. Many above this age threshold prove otherwise!
  • 🧠 We don’t use only 10 percent of our brains. That’s a myth.
  • 🧠 Though the brain only amounts to 2% of a person’s weight, it consumes an average of 20% of that person’s bodily energy.
  • 🧠 Dreams are just proof that your brains ain’t dead or sleeping while you’re asleep.
Eye Emoji

👁ïļ The Eye

If the name of the emoji sparks an eeriness, there’s the 👀 Eyes emoji that would fix the cyclops situation.

  • 👁ïļ The eyes are the fastest muscle in the human body. This attributes to a muscle called the orbicularis oculi which is responsible for blinking.
  • 👁ïļ The iris of the eye has a lot more individuality than fingerprints. It’s the part that determines your eye color and is 6 and a half times more unique than your fingerprint. This is why retina scans are a thing.
  • 👁ïļ If someone has two different colors in each eye or in both eyes, then they have heterochromia.
  • 👁ïļ If someone wasn’t born blind but lost their vision afterward, they continue seeing in their dreams.
  • 👁ïļ Men have a higher chance of color blindness than women. Explains why we see red flags sooner.
  • 👁ïļ Eyeballs are the only parts of the human body that don’t grow with age.
Nose Emoji

👃 The Nose

Coming around is the second of the five most important sense organs. A piggy variation of this organ is the ðŸ― Snout and the Pinocchio variant, the ðŸĪĨ Lying Face and 👚 Tengu (come on, we can’t let him slip away!).

  • 👃 Humans inhale an average of 7 to 8 liters of air or oxygen per minute. So, per day, there are about 11520 liters of air entering and exiting the nose.
  • 👃 Although smell is our biggest form of memory, it’s sadly the first to leave the body at death.
  • 👃 Have you ever wondered why you don’t sneeze while you’re asleep? Yep, your sleeping roommate was in fact awake. It’s because the nerves that help you sneeze are sleeping too!
  • 👃 Most of the taste we experience actually comes from the smell or priorly recorded info of that smell.
  • 👃 The nose remembers even if the brain forgets. People tend to recall at least 60% of the smells even after 365 days of its initial occurrence.
  • 👃 Women have a stronger sense of smell than men.
Tongue Emoji

👅 The Tongue

If you find 👅 gross, sexy, or inviting in an unintentional way, then you could use the 😛 Face With Tongue, 😝 Squinting Face With Tongue, 😜 Winking Face With Tongue, or the 😋 Face Savoring Food depending on the situation, ofc. Now, for some quick facts.

  • 👅 Much like the 👁ïļ Iris and the 👍 Fingerprint, tongue prints too are personalized.
  • 👅 The human tongue is generally about 3 inches long. If it’s longer, then your tongue’s a rare piece.
  • 👅 The face is the index of the mind and the tongue is one of the health indices. A pink tongue is a sign of good health, anything else is a cause for concern.
  • 👅 The human tongue is lined with taste buds ranging anywhere between 2000 and 8000! But, they’re all are invisible to our bare eyes.
  • 👅 You can’t taste if your mouth is dry. Saliva factors in the taste we further perceive with our tongue.
  • 👅 We don’t taste different flavors on different parts of the tongue. Busting tongue myths here. Certain areas of the tongue are more perceptive of certain flavors, thus causing the myth in the first place.
Ear Emoji

👂 The Ear

Unfortunately, we don’t have an emoji for the pair. A variant of this emoji is the ðŸĶŧ Ear With the Hearing Aid.

  • 👂 While the eyeball stays the same size throughout one’s lifetime, the outer part of the ear continues to grow till death does you and your ear apart.
  • 👂 It’s alright to be grossed out by ear wax. But, it’s not okay to hate it because it’s doing a very important job of safeguarding thy ears.
  • 👂 There are over 20,000 hair cells in the ears. They help modify the sounds you hear and in the transmission of the same to the brain.
  • 👂 Here’s a shocker. The ear can do more than just hear. If you’re sitting upright and you have a sense of straight posture, it’s all thanks to your ears.
  • 👂 Another shocker or rather a strange body fact. The ears play a part in the way you taste food!
  • 👂 Everybody with ears that can hear is posed with the potential threat of losing hearing at any stage if exposed to harsh sounds (85 decibels or more).
Mouth Emoji

👄 The Mouth

👄 is not the same as the 💋 Lips emoji because this one’s the oral sense organ and the latter is the print of a painted mouth.

  • 👄 You may have assumed the previous body part to be dirty, but believe it or not, our mouths are one of the dirtiest organs in the body. If not cared enough for, of course.
  • 👄 If you have terrible gums or if you want to give some extra love and care for your gums, then ðŸĩ Green Tea is undoubtedly the way forward.
  • 👄 Snoring ain’t cool. Firstly, it disturbs and secondly, something ain’t right with your health. Through snoring, you’re restricting the amount of oxygen you’re supposed to be inhaling.
  • 👄 Sure kissing can gross especially for a germophobic but it has its own benefits. It aids in keeping your teeth healthy!
  • 👄 The reason we don’t swallow our tongue is because of the frenulum… of the tongue. Sheesh.
Kiss Mark Emoji

💋 Lips

We’re choosing to ignore the actual name of this emoji, “kissing mark” and focus on the part of the body that facilitates this kiss; the lips.

  • 💋 If you thought makeup was the number one reason for cancer and a bunch of other horrors, then here’s a twist for you.
  • 💋 People who don’t apply lip products like lipsticks and lip balms are at a higher risk for lip cancer that’s caused by direct UV light exposure.
  • 💋 Each lip stain and lip mark is unique.
  • 💋 The phrase “talking crap” didn’t spring out of nowhere. A possible explanation lies in the skin composing the lips and the anus. They’re the same!
  • 💋 The lips are the only body part that doesn’t sweat. Hence, they chap and dry up the most.
  • 💋 The reason behind reddish or pinkish lips is blood. So, the paler, the more anaemic.
Tooth Emoji

ðŸĶ· Teeth

Yes, it’s a single tooth, but we’re generalizing this symbol to the whole, teeth!

  • ðŸĶ· Teeth are made up of the toughest element in the body; enamel.
  • ðŸĶ· However, this enamel can erode. It happens when you consume too much acidic food and drinks and don’t do the good deed of brushing enough or maintaining oral hygiene.
  • ðŸĶ· Only milk teeth regrow into permanent teeth. The latter is named that way for a reason. You lose it, it’s lost.
  • ðŸĶ· If you wish to take good care of your teeth and especially of the enamel that protects them, make sure to have enough calcium in your body at all times.
  • ðŸĶ· Since a wide range of illnesses is the outcome of poor oral cleanliness, it is vital to keep your mouth clean.
  • ðŸĶ· The amount of teeth you see in your mouth is just two-thirds of the entire picture. The rest is engulfed by the gums. Teeth are just the tip of the iceberg.
Bone Emoji

ðŸĶī Bones

Speaking of calcium, we have ðŸĶī.

  • ðŸĶī There are 206 bones in an adult human body.
  • ðŸĶī But, you’re actually born with 300. So, WTH happens to the rest?! They merge together to make fewer but better bones.
  • ðŸĶī The human 💀 skeleton has more purpose than just spooking out on Halloween. It’s the cage that keeps everything in the human body intact. Without that, we’d be a liquid mess of just organs. Just kidding. Without bones, we’d just be spineless.
  • ðŸĶī Most bones are found in the hands.
  • ðŸĶī The smallest bone in the body is the stirrup, a minuscule bone located in the ear.
  • ðŸĶī The strongest bones are the femur or the thigh bone and the skull’s temporal bone.
  • ðŸĶī The hardest bone is the lower jawbone. That says a lot about our inclination for perfect jawlines.
⊛ Anatomical Heart Emoji

ðŸŦ€ The Anatomical Human Heart

This is a very recent emoji on the list and would take a while before it’s supported on all platforms.

Surprise, surprise. The human heart ain’t half as pretty as the âĪïļ pagan one. And with that ‘real thought’, let’s get some cardio done.

  • ðŸŦ€ Your heart is almost the size of your fist.
  • ðŸŦ€ The female heart is said to move at a faster rate than the male heart.
  • ðŸŦ€ Regarding or regardless of the previous fact, women have been studied to be at a slightly higher risk for cardiac diseases than men.
  • ðŸŦ€ The sound you hear when your heart is beating is basically the sound of blooding flowing in and out of the organ. Not because of the lover or unknown lover.
  • ðŸŦ€ Cardiac arrests have specific symptoms. They’re not the consequence of googled symptoms.
  • ðŸŦ€ The heart continues to beat even after being plucked out of the body.
⊛ Lungs Emoji

ðŸŦ Human Lungs

This emoji too is a recent addition to the list and is not visible on all platforms just yet.

  • ðŸŦ Lungs aren’t symmetrical. Someone had to say it. The right lung is a little bigger than the left. Does that mean the right lung has more anatomical right in the breathing process? Hell, no! Tell that to the brain.
  • ðŸŦ So, why’s this lung larger? Well, the right human lung has three lobes and the left has two. Also, this one is a little shorter than the left.
  • ðŸŦ Breathing is an activity that’s controlled by the brain. It’s not the lungs that know when they have inhaled or exhaled enough, but the brain.
  • ðŸŦ An accident that could be minimally fatal to the heart is resisted by the lungs. They’re protectors.
  • ðŸŦ Yawning is an infamous sign of boredom or sleep. But here’s what’s ironic. The act of inhaling large amounts of oxygen is essentially a way of increasing awareness in the brain. It helps shift focus.
Foot Emoji

ðŸĶķ Foot/Feet

Apart from football, foot massages, bare feet, and anything where the foot is the propagator, here are some amazing facts about ðŸĶķ.

  • ðŸĶķ Each foot is composed of 26 bones.
  • ðŸĶķ Usually, all humans have an arch on their feet. However, it’s possible that this arch can be missing thus resulting in flat feet.
  • ðŸĶķ Human feet are a lot more than just a means of walking. They’re the hub of the entire body and are also preached to possess the keys to any ailment in a bunch of niche and traditional medical practices.
  • ðŸĶķ The bottom of our feet, as expected, have the most sweat glands. So, biologically speaking, it’s not really our fault that our feet are so sweaty!
  • ðŸĶķ They’re the most sensitive. Likely to have all the funny bones in the body.
  • ðŸĶķ Toenails are said to grow slower than fingernails..
Leg Emoji

ðŸĶĩ Legs

In the case of a prosthetic leg, there’s the ðŸĶŋ Mechanical Leg emoji.

  • ðŸĶĩ When held together, legs are supposed to be straight. If they aren’t there could be an underlying problem, like knock knees.
  • ðŸĶĩ Legs, if taken good care of, you know, with walking and exercise, can prove to be very strong. As strong as holding up six times the weight of the body!
  • ðŸĶĩ Human knees are studied to be one of the most complex parts of the body. Hence, you need that exercise to keep them as strong as always.
  • ðŸĶĩ Male and female legs are different. But they’re also the same. They both grow hair. So, ladies. Ditch societal pressures and the 🊒 razor.
  • ðŸĶĩ Thighs help hold the body’s weight. The thicker, the stronger.
Flexed Biceps Emoji

💊 Biceps/Arms

A mechanical version of this emoji is the ðŸĶū Mechanical Arm the Prosthetic Arm.

  • 💊 The human arm has a total of four muscles; the biceps, the triceps, forearm extensors, and forearm flexors.
  • 💊 So, everyone has biceps and not just gym-goers. These parts get defined, highlighted, and strong upon working them out.
  • 💊 The bicep(s) is a long muscle that divided into the ‘long head’ and the ‘short head’ and is together known as the two-headed muscle of the arm(s).
  • 💊 The reason why these muscles puff up when flexed is that they have elongated muscle fibers.
  • 💊 Though bicep muscle training feels amazing and looks even better, there’s always a limit. Too much stretching and working out could cause biceps strain.
Hand With Fingers Splayed Emoji

🖐 Hands/Wrists/Palms

This emoji is originally called the “Hand With Fingers Splayed” but for this blog post, we’re focusing on this part of the body.

  • 🖐 As mentioned before, the hand has the most bones in the body. There are 27 bones in the human hand! Including the main wrist bones, we have a total of 29 bones, just in our hands.
  • 🖐 Of all our fingers, it is medically said that the forefinger or the index finger is the least useful. We women wouldn’t know! We don’t have pockets in our pants anyway so we use all the help we can get.
  • 🖐 The lines or creases on our palms not only predict our future and know what could possibly be wrong or go wrong with us, but, they also ease the movement of the hand.
  • 🖐 We can stretch, squeeze, fold, and have dexterous precision because of these lines. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to hold a pin.
  • 🖐 Speaking of least useful fingers, here’s the one that’s the most important; the pinky. Yes! We wouldn’t have guessed in a million years.
  • 🖐 Almost 90% of the world’s population is right-handed. So, if you aren’t, you’re statistically special.

If you’re in need of body emojis in any virtual context, if you’re using the function of these body parts in any framework, or if you’re metaphorically referring to any of them, then we hope these emojis turn out to be super helpful and insightful.