👀 Eyes


Curious, Embarrassment, Cringe, Awkward, Nervous, Restless, Clueless

👀 Meaning: A pair of staring eyes looking to the right side mostly. This emoji would vary in the direction of stare, design, and overall look across different platforms.

The 👀 Eyes emoji signify stares, of course, but they refer to a perverted and crooked kind of staring. Although it can evoke a sense of discomfort, this emoji is not always on the creep side, it can also suggest fear, awkwardness, nervousness, and even slight panic.

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How and When to Use the 👀 Eyes Emoji

  • If you saw something you shouldn’t have and you’re absolutely cringed out by it, use 👀 while texting your pals about it.
  • 👀 can be used as a reaction to a hot picture your best friend or someone close sent you. (Refrain from using this emoji reaction to strangers posts and even celebrities, its grosss AF)
  • You can also use 👀 as a reaction to something scandalous or even cringe that you came across on social media.
  • If someone gave you some gossip and you can’t believe your eyes, send 👀 , like “Oh my god. That did not happen 👀”.
  • 👀 can also be used in contexts of embarrassment, shock, and surprise.
  • If you have your eyes on someone or something, or you’re low-key stalking someone and you’re “secretively” talking about it to your bestie, use 👀 in such conversations.

Other Names

  • 👀 Staring
  • 👀 Staring Eyes
  • 👀 Pervy Eyes
  • 👀 Shifting Eyes
  • 👀 Awkward Eyes
  • 👀 Cringed Out
  • 👀 Eyeballs
  • 👀 Shifting Eyeballs
  • 👀 Clueless
  • 👀 Wide-Eyes
  • 👀 Wide Stares
  • 👀 Embarrassment
  • 👀 Cringe
  • 👀 Nervous Eyes
  • 👀 Restless Eyes
  • 👀 Scared

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