🫁 Lungs


Pulmonology, Breathing, Life, Health, Deep Breaths, Relaxation, Human Anatomy

🫁 Meaning: A pair of human lungs detached from the rest of the body. Since this is a very recent addition to the emoji family, it is not yet available on all platforms. This emoji signifies breathing, relaxing, deep breaths, life, and health. Apart from that, it can refer to pulmonological aspects too.

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How and When to Use the 🫁 Lungs Emoji

  • If your bestie or someone you love is having a tough time and they’ve been sending panicky or upset messages, send some calming texts along with the 🫁 to tell them to breathe or take deep breaths (since it would be quite hilarious to send a pair of lungs, this emoji might even lighten the other person’s mood).
  • If you’re talking about the health of your lungs to a close one, send 🫁.
  • If someone is talking to you about their lungs (this can be a common conversation if you or the other person is a smoker, so not really weird), send 🫁 in those contexts, like “Take care of your 🫁”.
  • 🫁 can be used in pulmonology conversations too (chats between doctors, biology mates, or something).

Other Names

  • 🫁 Breathe
  • 🫁 Breathing
  • 🫁 Breaths
  • 🫁 Deep Breaths
  • 🫁 Relax
  • 🫁 Pulmonology
  • 🫁 Human Lungs
  • 🫁 Anatomical Lungs
  • 🫁 Bronchia
  • 🫁 Health