🦶 Foot


Arrogance, Pride, Ridicule, Walking, Strolling, Massage, Pampered, Footprints, Inspiration, Motivation

🦶 Meaning: The sole of a human foot, either referring to a glass-view kind of an angle or a footprint. This emoji suggests walking, “leaving footprints behind”, or even the famous sassy saying of “My foot!”.

The 🦶 Foot emoji can signify innocence and arrogance, playfulness, and savagery at the same time. Some platforms would have just the sole, whereas some would display from the ankle. This emoji is available in the designated skin tones across almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🦶 Foot Emoji

  • If someone told you something that rang a bell of ridicule and stupidity in your ears, reply with a loud “My 🦶!!”
  • If you’re trying to draft an inspirational quote about leaving footprints on social media, you can use 🦶.
  • 🦶 also signifies taking a walk or a stroll in the park. So use it when you’re having some leisure ‘me time’ at the park or just casually strolling anywhere.
  • If you want to be inspiring about leaving behind stories and legacies for generations to follow, use 🦶 in your captions on social media (forethought, but still worth the try).
  • If you’re out for some foot massage, and you’re telling your friends all about it, use the 🦶 emoji in that context.

Other Names

  • 🦶 Walk
  • 🦶 Stroll
  • 🦶 Trek
  • 🦶 Footprints
  • 🦶 Arrogance
  • 🦶 Pride
  • 🦶 Nonchalance
  • 🦶 Massage
  • 🦶 Relaxation
  • 🦶 My Foot