😛 Face With Tongue


Goofy, Playfulness, Innocence, Funny, Tongue Out

😛 Meaning: This emoji is designed with a yellow face and two round, open eyes with an open, toothless mouth and a tongue sticking out from it.

The 😛 Face With Tongue emoji is generally used in a light conversation – to show goofiness, playfulness, and maybe even to seem friendly. This emoji can have numerous connotations, but the most basic and obvious one is that related to innocence, childishness, laid-back, and carefree.

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How and When to Use the 😛 Face With Tongue Emoji

  • If you just said something rude and you didn’t mean it, back that text up with a ‘JK’ (Just Kidding) and send 😛.
  • You can use this to seem playful in a conversation.
  • The Face With Tongue emoji can also be used to act cool over text and not uptight.
  • Since there’s a tongue out here, use the emoji wisely as it can be interpreted in a lot of ways.

Other Names

  • 😛 Goofy Face
  • 😛 Cute Face
  • 😛 Playful
  • 😛 Just Kidding
  • 😛 Tongue Out
  • 😛 Happy Dog Face

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