👺 Goblin


Tengu, Scary, Evil, Protection, Martial Arts, Long Nosed Monster, Anger, Strength

👺 Meaning: A red, elongated face honing a large, long nose, staring eyes, an angry frown, a mustache, and a downward-curved mouth with teeth. This emoji is mostly shown facing either the left or the right side.

The 👺 Goblin emoji refers to the mythical character of Tengu in Japanese folktales. This half-man and half-bird supernatural creature had a past denotation of evil. However, over the years it has come to possess the qualities of goodness and protection too.

The Tengu is also said to be a symbol of mastery in martial arts, thus symbolising strength, power and physical empowerment.

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How and When to Use the 👺 Goblin Emoji

  • Since the emoji looks pretty angry, you can use this emoji while comically showing that you’re angry or upset (for minor stuff).
  • You can send this emoji while talking about martial arts too (like, “Watch out, I’mma beat yo ass to pulp 👺”.
  • This emoji can also be used in a caring and protective context (scary, but cute too).
  • The character, Tengu is half human and half avian, so if you feel like something or someone, or even you for that matter are feeling like half yourself and half of something else, send this emoji in that context.
  • This emoji can also be used while talking about strength and fierceness.

Other Names

  • 👺 Tengu
  • 👺 Red Mask
  • 👺 Red Face
  • 👺 Angry Monster
  • 👺 Protective
  • 👺 Martial Arts
  • 👺 Long Nose Face
  • 👺 Japanese Goblin
  • 👺 Evil
  • 👺 Devil