🦴 Bone


Dog Bone, Chew Toy, Human Bone, Skeleton, Ripped, Halloween, Death

🦴 Meaning: A single, white animated bone, that looks a lot like a dog’s chew bone. The colour, design and end finish of this emoji would slightly vary across different plaforms.

The 🦴 Bone emoji signifies a dog’s chew toy, playing fetch with your furry friend and bonding with the dog. Besides, this emoji can also refer to a part of the human skeleton and on a larger sense, death too.

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How and When to Use the 🦴 Bone Emoji

  • If you’re taking your furry little child out to play, send 🦴 along with some sweet ❤️ Heart and 🐾 Paw emojis to tell your close friends about it, or the immediate person you’re texting at that moment.
  • You can also use 🦴 to signal that you and your four-legged buddy are/were playing fetch.
  • 🦴 can also be used to say that you feel ripped to the bone after a tedious workout session.
  • If you’re out chew-toy shopping for either your own dog or someone else’s, and you’re posting or telling a close someone about it, use 🦴 in that context.
  • 🦴 can also be used in Halloween conversations.

Other Names

  • 🦴 Chew Bone
  • 🦴 Dog Bone
  • 🦴 Chew Toy
  • 🦴 Fetch
  • 🦴 Human Bone
  • 🦴 Skeleton
  • 🦴 Halloween
  • 🦴 Death
  • 🦴 Puppy Toy

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