šŸ¦µ Leg


Kicking, Football, Walking, Working Out, Leg Day, Squats

šŸ¦µMeaning: One single human leg held in a semi-squatting position, with the calf muscle bulging out a little. This emoji signifies football, kicking, walking, squatting, and even working out (leg day).

The kind of posture shown in the šŸ¦µ Leg emoji would differ among various platforms. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

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How and When to Use the šŸ¦µ Leg Emoji

  • If you had an intense leg day and youā€™re flaunting those toned muscles, send the šŸ¦µ emoji along with your pictures.
  • You can also use šŸ¦µ in casual contexts with your buddies, like ā€œHey yo, chill out. I was just pullinā€™ your šŸ¦µā€.
  • Or, šŸ¦µ can also be used in a funny way, like saying ā€œSTFU or Iā€™mma šŸ¦µ you in the face!ā€ (kick ā€“ use it in contexts of wanting to kick someone in a casual and playful way, of course).
  • šŸ¦µ can also be brought into football conversations; either while posting something about a game on social media or while chatting with your football buddies.
  • If youā€™re plain bored and want to bring in some randomness into chats with your bestie, pop in the šŸ¦µ emoji.

Other Names

  • šŸ¦µ Kick
  • šŸ¦µ Kicking
  • šŸ¦µ Football
  • šŸ¦µ Work Out
  • šŸ¦µ Leg Day
  • šŸ¦µ Gym
  • šŸ¦µ Walking
  • šŸ¦µ Squatting