👅 Tongue


Drooling, Goofy, Silly, Taste, Delicious, Yummy, Gastronomy, Blow Raspberries, Childish, Lick

👅 Meaning: A stuck-out pink tongue, but the color and overall design would vary across different platforms. This emoji suggests mockery, defiance, and even childishness.

The 👅 Tongue emoji signifies taste (duh) and gastronomy in a broader sense. However, this emoji also has a sexual connotation to it, denoting intimacy, romance, and coziness.

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How and When to Use the 👅 Tongue Emoji

  • If you just tasted some amazing food, or it’s a distant memory you’re recollecting with your buddies, use 👅 while talking about how delicious it is/was.
  • If you’re planning on getting a tongue piercing or encouraging someone to get one, use 👅 in that context.
  • Remember the sexual side of this emoji? Well, you can use it in private (or group, no judgments) chats and with people your own personality and sexual wavelength.
  • 👅 is also a way of blowing raspberries; acting kiddish, silly and goofy (but, you’re not shielded from misinterpretations. So, ensure you hint what you mean).
  • If someone cooked something insanely appealing and you can’t wait to hog all of it, use 👅 as a response to the picture, video, or link they send.

Other Names

  • 👅 Taste
  • 👅 Delicious
  • 👅 Yummy
  • 👅 Blow Raspberries
  • 👅 Lick
  • 👅 Taste and Tell (ahem)
  • 👅 Gastronomy
  • 👅 Ice Cream
  • 👅 Piercing
  • 👅 Tasty
  • 👅 Childish
  • 👅 Goofy
  • 👅 Silly
  • 👅 Drooling