😋 Face Savouring Food


Hungry, Yummy, Tasty, Delicious, Food, Tongue Out

😋 Meaning: A yellow-faced emoji with happy eyes and a big, closed smile with a tongue sticking out from a corner.

The Face Savouring Food emoji is used to express a sense of deliciousness in any foodie context. It is essentially used to represent anything that is yummy, tasty, and all the food-related adjectives.

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How and When to Use the 😋 Face Savouring Food Emoji

  • You can use this emoji while sending a picture of something incredibly amazing you just cooked.
  • You can use this as an emoji response to an enticing picture or video you just watched.
  • This emoji can basically be used to react to something gastronomical.
  • You can also use this emoji to show that you’re hungry.

Other Names

  • 😋 Yummy
  • 😋 Appetite
  • 😋 Hungry Face
  • 😋 Smiley Face Licking Lips
    😋 Tongue Out
    😋 Happy Food Face