👂 Ear


Listen, Hear, Pay Attention to, Listen Carefully, Vigilant, Alert, Secret, Whispers, Ear Ache

👂 Meaning: One single human ear, available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms. This emoji indicates listening, hearing, lending a listening ear, paying attention, staying vigilant, being alert, etc. It also evokes a sense of comfort, trust, and loyalty.

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How and When to Use the 👂 Ear Emoji

  • If your best friend pings you about something big and dramatic that happened (or anything at all), send the 👂 emoji to say that you’re all ears, and hers too.
  • 👂 can be used to show that you have an aching ear or that you’re going to the doc with someone who does.
  • If you’ve been listening or in other words, reading a casual conversation carefully, you can pop in the 👂 now and then to indicate that you’re still there.
  • If you’re heading out and someone younger (or older) is back at home, send them a text to stay alert along with the 👂 emoji to bring in a relaxed vibe as opposed to the stress of being home alone.
  • If you’re telling someone close as to how you lent a listening ear to someone and now they’ve ghosted you, use 👂 and the đŸ‘ģ Ghost emoji too, if you like.
  • If you’re telling your best friend a secret and you love to make things dramatic, use 👂 to indicate that “psst. it’s a secret” vibe.

Other Names

  • 👂 Listen
  • 👂 Listening Ear
  • 👂 Hearing
  • 👂 Pay Attention
  • 👂 Alert
  • 👂 Stay Vigilant
  • 👂 Listen Carefully
  • 👂 Secret
  • 👂 Psst
  • 👂 Whispering
  • 👂 Ear Ache
  • 👂 Understanding
  • 👂 I’m All Ears