😝 Squinting Face With Tongue


Goofiness, Crazy, Playful, Carefree, Madness, Haha

😝 Meaning: The Squinting Face With Tongue emoji is a yellow face with squished in eyes, like in the 😆 Grinning Squinting Face, along with a wide-open, toothless mouth and a tongue sticking out.

Another emoji among the series of face-tongue emojis, 😝 suggests goofiness, silliness, fun, and all the innocent stuff. It can even suggest a mocking way of playfulness, or the famous phrase ‘Just pulling your leg, haha’.

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How and When to Use the 😝 Squinting Face With Tongue Emoji

  • When you’re consciously trying to get on someone’s nerve, use this emoji when they finally snap and say ‘Just pulling your leg’ (it can piss them off more, but that’s up to you).
  • If someone sent something silly, you can use this as an emoji response.
  • This emoji works great to express a general air of goofiness.
  • Since the emoji has a tongue in it, it can be interpreted in more than one way.

Other Names

  • 😝 Tongue-Out Face
  • 😝 Goofy Face
  • 😝 Playful
  • 😝 Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Tightly Closed Eyes
  • 😝 Tongue Out
  • 😝 Crazy
    😝 Madness

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