🦿 Mechanical Leg


Robotic, Mechanical, Superhuman, Superhero, Kicking, Football, Inclusive, Equality

🦿 Meaning: A robotic leg detached from the body and held in a semi-squatting position. This emoji is yet to be available on all platforms. The design and colors used in this emoji would vary across platforms.

The 🦿 Mechanical Leg emoji is yet another inclusive one; it essentially includes a prosthetic leg into this particular category of emojis. It signifies kicking, walking, football and robots too.

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How and When to Use the 🦿 Mechanical Leg Emoji

  • If you or someone you know dearly just had a successful prosthetic surgery and is feeling great again, use the 🦿 emoji while talking to close friends or family about it.
  • You can also use 🦿 while playfully telling someone that you’re preparing an iron kick across their face if they don’t stop whatever they’re doing.
  • 🦿 can be brought into robotic and AI conversations too.
  • If you’re using an inspirational caption on inclusivity, bring in the 🦿 emoji.
  • Also, 🦿 is a great way to evoke casual randomness into a boring conversation with your bestie.
  • 🦿 is also a reference to being superhuman, like Iron Man. So, while talking about superheroes and related stuff, use this emoji.

Other Names

  • 🦿 Mechanical
  • 🦿 Robot
  • 🦿 Robotic
  • 🦿 Kick
  • 🦿 Iron
  • 🦿 Kicking
  • 🦿 Superhero
  • 🦿 Iron Man
  • 🦿 Machine
  • 🦿 Robot Leg